Iowa: Cruelty Bill Heading to Governor
The Iowa Legislature has passed a bill that will amend several of the state’s cruelty laws. A number of confusing and problematic provisions were removed from the bill, but some questions still remain.  House File 737 will soon be sent to the governor; those who reside or participate in dog events in Iowa are encouraged […] | June 17, 2020
Pennsylvania Update: Senate Passes Dangerous Dog Legislation
The Pennsylvania Senate recently passed Senate Bill 798 which seeks to make changes to the Commonwealth’s Dangerous Dog Law by changing definitions, increasing a fee, and eliminating the need to prove vicious propensity or history of attacks in determining that a dog is a dangerous dog under the law. AKC has concerns about this measure. […] | June 16, 2020
Aiken County, SC: URGENT, Public Hearing and Vote on Egregious, Overreaching Animal Ordinance TOMORROW, 6/16/20
A public hearing followed by a vote to enact a problematic new Aiken County animal ordinance is scheduled for Tuesday, June 16, 2020.  Attendance at the public hearing will be limited.  Please scroll down to view meeting and contact information. Provisions of the Proposed Ordinance Include:  Does your dog bark or do your livestock animals […] | June 15, 2020
Colorado: Aurora Seeking Public Input on Breed Ban, New Dangerous Dog Proposal
The City of Aurora, Colorado, is seeking public input into two areas of their policy regarding dangerous dogs: The current breed ban, and a new proposed new dangerous dog law. AKC encourages people who reside in Aurora to provide input to the city on both provisions. Encourage the city on focus on promoting responsible dog […] | June 12, 2020
Texas Heads-Up: State Breeder Licensing Targeted for Elimination, Expect Opposition
In 2011, the Texas Legislature passed and then-Governor Perry signed into law the Dog and Cat Breeders Act.  The law’s aim is to regulate those who (1) possesses 11 or more adult intact female animals and (2) who are engaged in the business of breeding those animals for direct or indirect sale or for exchange […] | June 11, 2020
Lawmakers Aim to Hold Off Another Health Threat — Importation of Sick Dogs
*Originally posted on on June 5, 2020 By Sheila Goffe As the COVID-19 pandemic rages, three members of Congress, who are also trained veterinarians, are working hard to head off a potential public health crisis with a proposed law to prevent importation of dogs that have contagious diseases. If passed, the Healthy Dog Importation […] | June 9, 2020
California: Support Assembly Amendment to Exempt Judges from Independent Contractor Laws
A bill is moving in the California Assembly that would make further clarifications and amendments to the law passed in 2019 regarding independent contractors. When the law was passed last year, some questions were raised by California clubs as to how it would impact show and event judges.  AKC reached out to legislative policy staff […] | June 9, 2020
UPDATE: Massachusetts Adopts Detailed Regulations for Rescues and Shelters; Clarifies Pet Shop Rules
The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources has announced that new regulations have been finalized for the operation of animal shelters and animal rescue organizations, together with clarifying amendments to the Commonwealth’s regulations applying to pet shops.   The American Kennel Club (AKC) extends our sincerest gratitude to the Department’s Animal Health Division Director for years of […] | June 5, 2020
Colorado Update: Bill Allowing Animal Investigations, Impoundments by Private Nonprofits Advancing
A bill is advancing in Colorado that would expand the powers of the state’s Bureau of Animal Protection agents. Currently, the purpose of the Bureau of Animal Protection, as stated on the Department of Agriculture’s website, is to “serve as a support mechanism to local law enforcement agencies in conducting animal cruelty and neglect investigations.”  […] | June 4, 2020
Illinois: Chicago Proposal Could Undermine Hobby Breeders and Pet Store Consumer Protections
A proposal has been introduced in the Chicago City Council that seeks to stop fraudulent rescues from sourcing to pet stores. In addition to addressing this issue, it also would make numerous changes to city pet animal ordinances, including requiring licensing of hobby breeders as animal care facilities, and removing important consumer protection and information […] | May 29, 2020

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