Virginia Informational Update: Animal Law Unit Sends Letter to Animal Control Officers to Highlight Animal Cruelty Changes
The Virginia Attorney General’s Animal Law Unit has sent a letter to animal control officers around Virginia highlighting the new animal cruelty laws that went into effect on July 1 and providing guidelines for enforcement.   It emphasizes that “Compliance is what you should be striving for at every call and the welfare of the animal should always […] | July 29, 2020
Michigan Informational Alert: Crop/Dock Ban Introduced, AKC is Monitoring
A bill has been introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives that would ban ear cropping, tail docking, and "debarking." No individual may perform these procedures, and veterinarians may only do so if relieving an injury, illness, infection, etc. House Bill 6009 has been assigned to the House Agriculture Committee and is not currently scheduled […] | July 29, 2020
Arkansas: Governor’s Order Establishes Certain COVID-19 Liability Protections During Current Health Emergency
An executive order signed in June by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson extends certain liability protections to businesses that open or remain open during the COVID-19 health emergency.  Among other provisions, persons and their employees, agents, and officers shall be immune from civil liability for damages or injuries resulting from exposure to COVID-19 on the premises, […] | July 28, 2020
Update: Massachusetts Senate and House to Negotiate Law Enforcement Reform Bills Impacting Police K-9 Practices, 7/27
Last week, the Massachusetts House of Representatives debated and amended HB 4860, which seeks to enact law enforcement reforms.   Amendments to ensure continued utilization of police K-9 practices were not adopted as they were in the Senate version of the legislation.  Details of the bill and amendments can be viewed in AKC GR’s prior alert. […] | July 27, 2020
New APHIS Website for Animal Welfare Act Licensing Rule Changes Launched
Today, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) announced the launch of a new website to assist licensees and stakeholders understand and implement recent changes to the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) Animal Care regulations. The new website includes information about the changes to the licensing process, watering […] | July 27, 2020
Michigan: Positive Rescue Regulations Continue to Advance- Contact the Senate
Senate Bill 419, which includes several amendments requested by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Michigan Association for Pure-Bred Dogs (MAPBD), seeks to regulate “animal rescues”, which would be defined as a person that acquires an animal for the purpose of finding that animal a new home and maintains the animal in a foster […] | July 24, 2020
Illinois Update: Chicago Delays Action on Restrictive Hobby Breeder Proposal
This morning, the Chicago proposal that would have essentially banned hobby breeding and eliminate pet store consumer protection was held for consideration. During the full City Council meeting, Health and Human Services Committee Chairman Roderick Sawyer announced that Proposal O2020-2827 was being held in committee, thereby delaying the vote that was expected today. AKC Government […] | July 22, 2020
USDA APHIS Updates Plans for Resumption of Inspections During Pandemic
Today, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) provided an update on its plans to restart its routine inspections program. To ensure the safety of all involved, APHIS inspectors will use personal protective equipment and maintain social distancing at all times.  Initial screening questions will be asked to […] | July 22, 2020
New York Senate Passes Bill Limiting Pet Choice – Call the Assembly
Last night, the New York Senate passed a bill which will prohibit retail pet stores from selling any dogs or cats.  Instead, they would only be allowed to “showcase” animals available for adoption from a shelter, rescue, or adoption agency. Senate Bill 4234 now goes to the Assembly Agriculture Committee.  Session could be wrapping up […] | July 22, 2020
Massachusetts Law Enforcement Reform Bill Impacting Police K-9 Practices to be Considered Tomorrow, 7/22
This week, the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee released HB 4860, which seeks to enact law enforcement reforms.  217 amendments to the bill have also been filed for consideration, including several impacting police K-9 practices. In addition to creating certification training and standards for law enforcement, HB 4860 would: Require reports of “officer-related injuries […] | July 21, 2020

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