California Assembly Bill 241 Proceeds to Senate Appropriations Committee
Assembly Bill 241 passed out of the Senate Public Safety Committee today on a vote of 4-0. Although the bill failed 3-3 in committee on Tuesday, another vote was held today to allow Senator Steinberg, who was absent Tuesday, to cast his vote. Assemblyman Pedro Nava, AB 241’s author, verbally agreed to amend the bill, […] | July 16, 2009
CA AB 241 to be Heard Again Senate Public Safety Committee – Opposition Needed!
The Senate Public Safety Committee will hold another hearing on AB 241 today after the adjournment of Senate floor session. Senator Steinberg was not present at the committee hearing earlier this week where the bill failed to pass on a 3-3 vote. Concerned dog owners are encouraged to contact the committee members are renew their […] | July 15, 2009
CA SB 250 Heads to Assembly Appropriations Suspense File
Senate Bill 250 has been sent to the Assembly Appropriations Suspense File because staff expects the bill to cost the state more than $150,000 a year to enforce. The committee will schedule a Suspense File hearing prior to the August 28th fiscal deadline. Once the date of that hearing is known, we will post an […] | July 15, 2009
Massachusetts Alert: 15 Bills to be Heard on Tuesday, July 14th!
The Massachusetts legislature’s Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government has scheduled consideration of 14 dog-related bills at its meeting on Tuesday, July 14th.  Another bill of importance, HB 344 (see info, below) will be heard concurrently by the Joint Judiciary Committee.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) and its Massachusetts federation, the Massachusetts Federation of […] | July 9, 2009
North Carolina Responsible Dog Owners Making an Impact- Continued Action Needed
The numerous calls and letters North Carolina Senators have received from responsible dog breeders and fanciers is making a difference! Today the North Carolina Senate delayed voting on Senate Bill 460, as many Senators have expressed concerns and questions with the bill.  The bill has been re-referred to the Senate Rules Committee, where further amendments […] | July 8, 2009
CA AB 241 to be Heard in Senate Public Safety Committee
Update: The Senate Public Safety Committee again postponed their hearing of AB 241. The bill is now scheduled be heard on July 14th pending approval of a rule waiver. The Senate Public Safety Committee has postponed this hearing and AB 241 will now be heard at their June 30th meeting. Concerned dog owners and breeders […] | July 7, 2009
Why is AKC Opposing the North Carolina Commercial Breeders Bill?
On Wednesday, the North Carolina Senate will vote on Senate Bill 460, a bill designed to regulate commercial dog breeders and to "ensure the humane care and treatment" of puppies bred in our state. This sounds pretty good: Who could oppose humane care for puppies? So then, why is this bill so controversial? And why […] | July 7, 2009
CA Moves to Collect Sales Tax on Pet Sales
The California Board of Equalization (BOE) has sent letters to several breeders in California informing them that they need a Seller's Permit and are required to pay sales tax on puppies and dogs they have sold. Although the letter states that this information was obtained through the AKC website, the AKC has not provided any […] | July 2, 2009
Tennessee Legislative Recap
The American Kennel Club congratulates the many responsible dog breeders and owners in Tennessee who successfully endured a difficult 2009 legislative session.  In particular, House Bill 386 and its companion, Senate Bill 258, were especially threatening.  If enacted as introduced, these bills would have: Limited the number of dogs an individual could own;   Implemented […] | July 2, 2009
NC ALERT:  Senate Finance Committee Advances Senate Bill 460
UPDATE: North Carolina Breeders Bill Placed on Senate Floor Calendar for Wednesday, July 8 Senate Bill 460 has been placed on the calendar for a reading and full Senate consideration next Wednesday, July 8. It remains imperative that all responsible owners and breeders contact their Senators before Wednesday and ask them to not allow taxpayer […] | July 2, 2009

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