Oklahoma Board of Commercial Pet Breeders Rules Hearing – New Location!
Dear AKC Delegates, Judges, Club Officers and Breeders, The Oklahoma Board of Commercial Pet Breeders has moved its Rules Hearing regarding proposed regulations for the commercial breeder law (SB 1712) passed by the Oklahoma legislature earlier this year.   Here is the revised location information: Oklahoma Board of Commercial Pet Breeders Hearing Information December 9th, […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/oklahoma-board-of-commercial-pet-breeders-rules-hearing-new-location/ | December 1, 2010
Oklahoma Board of Commercial Pet Breeders Considering New Regulations – Phone Calls and Emails Neede
Dear AKC Delegates, Judges, Club Officers and Breeders, The Oklahoma Board of Commercial Pet Breeders has issued proposed regulations for the commercial breeder law (SB 1712) that was passed by the Oklahoma legislature earlier this year.  A copy of the proposed regulations can be found here. Although the regulations must reflect the underlying statute they […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/oklahoma-board-of-commercial-pet-breeders-considering-new-regulations/ | November 24, 2010
North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Conducting a Study on Companion Anima
The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is conducting a study of animal welfare in North Carolina. The study will focus on current laws and regulations pertaining to the welfare of dogs, the oversight of public and private animal shelters, spay/neuter programs, the score of commercial breeding operations, and consumer protection issues. The […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/north-carolina-department-of-agriculture-and-consumer-services-conduct/ | November 18, 2010
AKC Editorial on Missouri’s Proposition B
Previously published in the Kansas City Star There are two issues on which every dog lover agree.  First, dogs deserve a life in a safe, caring, and healthy environment.  Second, those who treat dogs in a negligent or cruel manner should be held accountable. The American Kennel Club is the nation’s only not-for-profit organization dedicated […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/akc-editorial-on-missouris-proposition-b/ | October 29, 2010
Guilford County to Require Breeder Licensing and Inspections of Private Homes! Calls and Emails Need
The Guilford County Board of Commissioners will consider changes to their animal control ordinance at a work session and commission meeting this week. According to the information we have at this time, public comment will NOT be accepted at those meetings, so it is imperative that concerned dog owners and breeders call or email the […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/guilford-county-to-require-breeder-licensing-and-inspections-of-privat/ | October 5, 2010
AKC Opposes Missouri Proposition B
The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes and shares concerns about substandard kennels.  AKC’s mission includes working to protect the rights of all dog owners and promoting responsible dog ownership. We support reasonable and enforceable laws that protect the welfare and health of dogs without restricting the rights of owners or breeders who take their responsibilities […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/akc-opposes-missouri-proposition-b/ | September 23, 2010
AKC Informational Update: Position Statement on Debarking
At the August Board meeting, the AKC Board of Directors approved an official canine legislation policy position statement on debarking. Debarking is a viable veterinary procedure that may allow a dog owner to keep a dog that barks excessively in its loving home rather than to be forced to surrender it to a shelter. Debarking […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/akc-informational-update-position-statement-on-debarking/ | August 27, 2010
Ohio Legislative Update: Alternative Breeder Bill Introduced, SB 95 Still Pending
Ohio Representative Cheryl Grossman has introduced House Bill 570, which is intended to be an alternative for Senate Bill 95.  Both bills seek to regulate dog breeding in Ohio. The American Kennel Club opposes numerous provisions in House Bill 570, including (but not limited to): Definition of commercial breeder – A commercial breeder is anyone […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/ohio-legislative-update-alternative-breeder-bill-introduced-sb-95-stil/ | August 24, 2010
URGENT: CA SB 250 Revived- Action Needed Now!
California Senate Bill 250, which seeks to mandate the sterilization of a dog on a second animal control offense, has moved from the inactive file back to the Assembly floor and could be voted on any day. Amendments have been adopted, but they only modify the appeals process and do not alter our fundamental opposition […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/urgent-ca-sb-250-revived-action-needed-now/ | August 19, 2010
Memphis to Consider Mandatory Spay/Neuter, New Dangerous Dog Definitions & Fee Increases on August
The Memphis City Council Services & Neighborhood Committee will consider four ordinances amending the city’s animal control laws on Tuesday, August 10th. The proposal will require mandatory spay/neuter of all dogs over 29 pounds, define any dog that has "bitten once and been at-large twice" as a dangerous dog, increase fees for owners of intact […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/memphis-to-consider-mandatory-spay-neuter-new-dangerous-dog-definition/ | August 6, 2010

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