NC ALERT: Action Needed Now to Stop SB 460!
Senate Bill 460, a bill which regulates breeders and infringes on the rights of responsible dog owners, is expected to be heard in the Senate Finance Committee as early as next week.  Many committee members have indicated that they have received few or no calls and letters in opposition to this bill.  It is essential […] | June 9, 2009
Strict Ohio Breeder Bill to be Heard on Tuesday, June 9
Ohio Senate Bill 95 will be considered by the Ohio Senate State and Local Government and Veterans Affairs Committee today, Tuesday, June 9.  SB 95 seeks to impose breeder oversight in Ohio, including: Defining a "regulated dog breeding kennel" as an establishment that keeps, houses, and maintains adult breeding dogs that produce either at least […] | June 9, 2009
Illinois General Assembly Establishes Breeder Task Force
Based on the concerns about Illinois House Bill 198, and its companion Senate Bill 53 (bills that sought to regulate dog breeding in Illinois), the House and Senate sponsors of those bills introduced a new Senate Joint Resolution (SJR 56) to create a 15-member Joint Task Force on Breeders and Pet Stores to investigate and […] | June 5, 2009
Texas Legislative Session Ends in Success for Responsible Dog Breeders and Owners
The American Kennel Club (AKC) is pleased to report the successful completion of Texas' 2009 Legislative Session.  This year, many bills threatened the rights of responsible purebred dog breeders and owners in the Lone Start State, including mandatory spay/neuter, breed-specific, unreasonable breeder oversight, and ownership limit legislation.  However, the legislature's adjournment on Monday, June 1 […] | June 4, 2009
OREGON ALERT: HB 2470 Going to Governor!
Oregon House Bill 2470 has passed the Legislature and is going to the Governor.  This bill limits dog ownership, imposes regulations on anyone owning 10 or more intact dogs, and includes offensive legislative findings.  It is imperative that all responsible dog breeders and fanciers in Oregon contact the Governor and ask him to veto House […] | June 4, 2009
CA SB 250 Passes Senate – Fight Moves to the Assembly
California Senate Bill 250 passed yesterday by the bare minimum of 21 votes needed. Senators Negrete McLeod, Oropeza, Pavley, Wolk, Wright and Yee changed their votes from abstentions on Monday to support the bill on Tuesday. Senators Ducheny and Simitian abstained and Senator Correa joined the Republicans in voting "No." The author agreed to amendments, […] | June 3, 2009
CA SB 250 to Senate Floor – Opposition Calls Needed Today!!!
California Senate Bill 250 has been amended to allow local governments to utilize existing procedures to issue intact dog licenses or to charge a fee to offset their costs. These amendments are an attempt to prevent the state from having to reimburse local governments for costs associated with enforcement of SB 250. The amendments also […] | June 1, 2009
NY SB 4961 Seeks to Classify More as Pet Dealers – Action Needed Now!!!
New York Senate Bill 4961 seeks to classify more New Yorkers as "pet dealers" and to strictly regulate their operations.  The bill will be considered by the Senate Agriculture Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2.  The American Kennel Club encourages all concerned responsible dog breeders and owners in the Empire State to contact the Senate Agriculture […] | June 1, 2009
One Texas Breeder Bill Defeated, Help Still Needed
A Texas Legislature conference committee has rejected Senate amendments to House Bill 2310 that attempted to turn a straightforward bill regarding the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation into a strict breeder regulation bill. As amended by the Senate, House Bill 2310 limited commercial breeders from possessing more than 50 intact female animals in a […] | June 1, 2009
Victory for Oklahoma Breeders and Fanciers!
The Oklahoma Legislature adjourned on Friday, May 29, without passing House Bill 1332.  As introduced, this bill would have placed numerous restrictions on breeders and fanciers, including requiring breeders nationwide to obtain an annual Oklahoma "out-of-state dealer/breeder license" prior to bringing a dog into the state, with few exceptions. The AKC and its state federation […] | June 1, 2009

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