CA Governor Signs SB861 Into Law
Despite months of strong opposition from countless responsible California dog owners and a host of animal organizations including the American Kennel Club, the Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs and The Animal Council, Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB861 into law on Friday, October 7th. The legislation takes effect January 1st, and several municipalities have already indicated their […] | October 10, 2005
Urgent Help Needed in CA!
Calling all California dog owners!  Governor Schwarzenegger still has not taken action on SB861.  IF HE DOES NOT VETO THE BILL BEFORE OCTOBER 9th , IT WILL BECOME LAW WITHOUT HIS SIGNATURE.  Please contact the governor's office TODAY and urge him to veto this misguided bill!   Reminder: LAST CHANCE TO STOP BSL IN CALIFORNIA! […] | October 5, 2005
Attention El Paso Dog Owners
The City of El Paso's Health and Public Safety Legislative Committee will hear a new animal control ordinance at its October 12th meeting. The proposal - a complete rewrite of the city's animal code - contains a $75 litter permit and restricts breeders to only one litter per year. Additionally, owners will be required to […] | October 4, 2005
UPDATE: Prince George’s County, MD Considers Repeal of Breed-Specific Ordinance
The Prince George's County Health, Education and Human Services Committee passed CB-10 in September. The ordinance will be heard before the full City Council on October 25 at 10 am in the County Administration Building. To show continued support for this important measure, concerned dog owners are encouraged to attend an organizational meeting held by […] | October 3, 2005
Third-Annual AKC Lobby Day Held in Washington , D.C.
Congress welcomed purebred dog owners from across the country last week as part of the American Kennel Club's third-annual Lobby Day. Hosted by the Canine Legislation department, Lobby Day gives attendees a chance to learn more about issues that impact fanciers on the federal level. More importantly, participants are given an opportunity to carry the […] | September 28, 2005
The Senate Committee on Local Government yesterday approved SB861 and recommended concurrence by the full Senate, where the bill will soon be heard. This devastating bill is on a fast track toward becoming law—dog owners must weigh in now! As the AKC has been reporting, SB861 will allow local governments to enact breed-specific ordinances pertaining […] | August 30, 2005
Update: SB 861 To Be Heard in Senate Local Government Committee
The Senate Local Government Committee is scheduled to hear SB 861 on Monday, August 29th upon adjournment of floor session in room 3191. As California is approaching the end of their legislative session, things are expected to move very quickly. It is critical that you contact your state senator immediately. Your voice is especially important […] | August 25, 2005
Massachusetts Fanciers Defeat Commercial Breeder Bill
Nancy Fisk, Vice President of the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners (MassFed), recently shared the following report about the defeat of HB1346. Congratulations to all who helped make this victory possible! On June 20th Massachusetts dog owners and breeders rallied in opposition to House Bill 1346 and sent a strong message […] | August 15, 2005
Reminder — Help Still Needed on California BSL
The California State Assembly will resume its session on August 15th, and SB 861 remains on the Assembly floor. Concerned dog owners will recall that the bill, which originally would have permitted municipalities to broadly regulate and/or restrict dogs based on their breed, was amended in June to only allow breed-specific measures that pertain to […] | August 12, 2005
Urgent Help Needed in Albuquerque
Under the guise of updating Albuquerque's animal control ordinance to help reduce euthanasia rates at local animal shelters, City Councilor Sally Mayer has instead proposed sweeping changes that would drastically limit fanciers' ability to breed and own dogs, while doing little to address the city's problems with irresponsible ownership. The proposal is currently set for […] | August 11, 2005

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