CA Breeder Bill Dies
AB 2513 effectively died on May 27, 2004 when sponsor Assembly Member Lloyd Levine moved the bill to the "inactive file" rather than push for a vote on the Assembly floor. May 28th was the deadline for all California bills to have passed their house of origin, so AB 2513 may not be considered again […] | June 1, 2004
Continued Help Needed to Fight Boston BSL
Despite opposition from concerned dog owners and fanciers at a public hearing in Boston on Thursday, April 29th, legislators appear resolute in their support of a breed-specific ordinance. The proposal now heads to committee for further consideration. If enacted, the measure would: Require residents to register their "pit bulls" with the city at a cost […] | May 4, 2004
Updated: Help Still Needed in MA!
The Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs reports that late-night budget talks in the House last week resulted in yet another change to Rep. Kujawksi's proposed breeder amendment. The final budget bill that was sent to the Senate for consideration now requires regulation for those who breed and sell more than five litters of puppies or […] | May 3, 2004
California Bill Will Hurt Responsible Breeders
California legislators are once again attempting to regulate hobby breeders. Introduced by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, AB2513 establishes the "Humane Control of Dog and Cat Overpopulation Act of 2004."   The bill will: Prohibit the sale of unaltered dogs and cats unless the seller has obtained a permit. Create two types of permits. The first will […] | April 30, 2004
Breed-Specific Legislation Considered in Boston
Attention Boston dog owners! Councillors Rob Consalvo and James Kelly have introduced an ordinance that requires residents to register their "pit bulls" with the city at a cost of $50 annually. Pit bulls are defined as American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, or any mix of those breeds. The measure also […] | April 28, 2004
Colorado Law Now Prohibits BSL
Congratulations to the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs, purebred dog fanciers, and animal organizations throughout the state on their recent efforts to prohibit breed-specific legislation in the Centennial State. Thanks to tireless lobbying by these groups, Governor Bill Owens signed H1279 into law last week, effective immediately. Among other changes to the state's dangerous dog […] | April 28, 2004
Calls Needed NOW on Massachusetts Budget Amendment
Urgent help is needed from Massachusetts dog owners regarding a proposed budget amendment that will negatively affect responsible breeders. The Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs reports that having been unsuccessful at pushing through an onerous commercial breeder licensing bill (H4537), Rep. Paul Kujawski plans to introduce an amendment to the House budget bill on April […] | April 23, 2004
Updated: Final Draft of NC Legislation Released
On April 22nd, the North Carolina House Interim Committee on the Prevention and Disposition of Unwanted and Abandoned Companion Animals gave final approval to this legislation (see link below). The bill will next be introduced in the House of Representatives when it convenes on May 10th, where the measure will be assigned to a committee. […] | April 23, 2004
URGENT! Help Needed NOW From NY Dog Owners
Immediate help is needed from all New York dog owners to help oppose Assemblyman Peter Rivera's A10169. This overly restrictive bill: Requires every dog owner to obtain liability insurance for their pet, regardless of past behavior.   Allows the Agriculture Commissioner to determine certain breeds of dogs as dangerous based on bite statistics. Further authorizes municipalities […] | April 20, 2004

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