Good News for Oklahoma Dog Owners
AKC has learned from responsible dog owners in Oklahoma that Sen. Earl Garrison, Chairman of the Senate General Government Committee, has agreed not to hear S1569 and S1702. These bills would have permitted cities and counties to enact breed-specific legislation, action that is currently prohibited by state law. With this legislation effectively dead in committee, […] | March 8, 2006
Ohio Court Rules BSL Unconstitutional
The Sixth District Court of Appeals in Ohio handed responsible dog owners a monumental victory last week when it ruled that local and state breed-specific "vicious" dog laws were unconstitutional. In a 2-1 decision, the Court held that Toledo Municipal Code 505.14a. (limiting ownership to one "pit bull" per household) and Ohio Revised Code 955.11 […] | March 7, 2006
MA and NY Consider Homeowner’s Insurance Bills
The AKC has learned that MA H4516 and NY A1824--bills to prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against homeowners based on the breed of dog they own--will very soon be considered by their respective state legislatures. The American Kennel Club believes that insurance companies should determine coverage of a dog-owning household based on the dog's deeds, […] | February 28, 2006
Update: VT Ear Cropping Bill Scheduled for Hearing
The Vermont Federation of Dog Clubs reports that S250, a bill to prohibit ear cropping in Vermont, has been scheduled for a hearing before the House Agriculture Committee on March 15th. Time and location are yet to be determined. Dog owners are strongly encouraged to attend the hearing and urge opposition to the bill! Vermont […] | February 28, 2006
Attention Louisville Dog Owners
The Louisville Metro Council Committee on Government Administration, Rules, Ethics, and Audit Agenda will meet at 4pm Monday, February 27th to discuss the proposed changes to the animal control ordinance. It is critical that fanciers and concerned dog owners contact their council members and ask them to oppose this measure. The American Kennel Club and […] | February 24, 2006
Oklahoma BSL Update!
Oklahoma dog owners report that Rep. Paul Wesselhoft's H2657 and H2658 have died in the Health and Human Services Committee. These bills would have permitted cities and counties to enact breed-specific legislation, action that is currently prohibited by state law. Committee members listened closely to concerned dog owners who argued for better enforcement of stronger […] | February 24, 2006
Update: Illinois Legislation
Fanciers have worked hard and have made significant progress in the Illinois State Legislature, which is considering several dangerous dog and breed-specific bills. Fanciers are also working to oppose breed-specific legislation (BSL) in Chicago. Below is an update on current "hot" initiatives facing Illinois residents. In the General Assembly: As Illinois dog owners may recall, […] | February 24, 2006
LA Rejects BSL, Pursuing Mandatory Spay/Neuter of ALL Dogs
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has voted to delay a vote on changes to its animal control ordinance until April 25th. Although the board appears to have been persuaded that a breed-specific proposal is not in the best interests of the citizens, they have now directed staff to draft language requiring mandatory spay/neuter […] | February 23, 2006
$200 Intact Animal Fee Proposed in Sacramento
The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will hold a workshop on February 21st to discuss instituting a $200 intact animal fee, part of the proposed Animal Overpopulation Ordinance. The current license fee for an intact animal is $30. Fanciers are encouraged to attend the meeting which will be held at 2:30 in the Board Chambers […] | February 15, 2006
BSL Introduced in Missouri
Rep. Maria Chappelle-Nadal has introduced H1686, a bill that will negatively impact owners of "pit bulls," defined as American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, and any dog exhibiting the characteristics of these breeds. Owners of pit bulls will be required to: Purchase a $500 permit for each pit bull owned. (No […] | February 10, 2006

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