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Do you think of your dog as much more than just a pet? Do you consider him a part of your family? Is his health, happiness, and well-being a priority? If so, AKC FAMILY DOG magazine has been created just for you!

From hands-on training techniques to solving common behavior problems to inspiring and entertaining stories about our canine pals, the experts at the AKC will help you provide the best care for your best friend. Our helpful tips, how-to’s, and feature articles are written in an engaging and reader-friendly format. Regular columns include information on natural therapies, nutrition, health-care, and much more.

It’s the lifestyle magazine for today’s busy dog lovers who want to enjoy the most rewarding, mutually happy relationship with their special dog.

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One year (6 issues) of AKC Family Dog is only $12.95.

It is not available on any newsstand. Subscribe now and be on the mailing list for the very next issue!

NOTE: If you registered a dog with either the AKC Gold or Platinum package, you are already on the list for Family Dog magazine!