Labeled as Untrainable, Harlie Proves Previous Owner Wrong & Brings Home the Ribbons
Sype's Harlie RN TD TDU THD CGCA CGCU, known as just Harlie, has so many dog sports titles now that they are longer than his name. But as a puppy, Harlie was abandoned by his owner in a vacant rental property with little food or water because she said the pup was “untrainable.” Harlie’s loving […] | February 22, 2016
Lucy’s Career Yields Yard Full of Ribbons
Lucy of Hill Crest BN RE OAP OJP OFP CGC RATO recently retired from competition at age 11 after an amazingly successful career that earned her titles in several sports and a yard full of ribbons. “I took this picture to reflect what a grand time we have had together,” said her owner Catherine Allred […] | February 19, 2016
Foster “Boxador” Becomes AKC Agility Champ
Being that my wife Sandy and I have Boxers as our breed of choice, we were asked by a friend to take in a Boxer dog as a foster. She turned out not to be a boxer, but a boxer-lab mix – a Boxador. The young girl seeking the temporary foster home was going through […] | February 18, 2016
Calling Dr. Jake – Special Rescue Lab Serves as Therapy and Service Dog
     Calling Dr. Jake – Special Rescue Lab Serves as Therapy and Service Dog Sliwa’s Jake CD BN RE THDD CGC is known as Dr. Jake in his community. Adopted from a shelter just three years ago by Dr. Wayne Sliwa of Bluegrass, IA, Jake has become a therapy dog and service dog, as well […] | February 17, 2016
Who’s Your Valentine? Ten Ways to Show Your Dog Some Love
By AKC GoodDog! Helpline Trainer Hilarie Erb This Valentine’s Day, think about who really loves you unconditionally. It’s nice that your human significant other doesn’t steal your socks, but does he/she match your dog’s crazy enthusiasm every time you come home? Here are some things you can do for your dog that will show your […] | February 10, 2016
More than 20 All-American Dogs Entered in Westminster Agility Championship
The third annual Westminster Kennel Club Master Agility Championship takes place Saturday, Feb. 13, at Pier 94 in New York City, and more than 20 mixed-breed dogs in the AKC Canine Partners program will be there to tackle the course! Popo, pictured, and his handler Janet Yun will be among the All-American Dog contenders. The […] | February 9, 2016
Dino Can Pull His Weight – First Mixed-Breed to Earn Open Drafting Title
Drafting, or carting, is a sport most commonly associated with large draft breeds like Bernese Mountain Dogs and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. But all breeds can compete in the sport – and many dogs enjoy pulling their own weight plus! Former shelter dog Dino, formally known as Woodacre’s Court Jester, recently became the first mixed-breed […] | February 8, 2016
Spur of the Moment Adoption Results in Lifelong Partner
Valerie Aaron of Yulee, FL, was just running in the store to pick up some dog food shortly before the store closed. But a little puppy with sad eyes resulted in Valerie coming home with more than kibble. Norman won her heart and a place in dog competitions through the AKC Canine Partners program. Now […] | February 5, 2016
Rare American Indian Dog Succeeding in AKC Obedience Ring
Rare breeds not yet recognized by AKC can be eligible to enroll in AKC Canine Partners and compete in AKC events. That is the case with Seraphina (formally known as Song Dog Bright Angel UD GO) who is an American Indian Dog. Seraphina & owner Sheila Crombie of Monument, CO, recently earned the advanced-level Utility […] | February 4, 2016
Teen & Her Rescue Dog Bringing Home the Ribbons
Ohio teenager Mariah Bradley and her family adopted a puppy from a rescue group five years ago. The Australian Shepherd mix was smart, but active, and soon Mariah got involved with training him through 4H. Before long, the pair were competing in 4H events and did so well that they started competing in AKC events […] | February 2, 2016

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