Meet a Certified Expert at Making People Feel Good
Morris’ Sam THDD owned by Suzanne Morris of Little Rock, Arkansas AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished! That’s what THDD stands for. To earn AKC’s ultimate Therapy Dog title, Sam had to complete 400 visits. To say the least, he’s made a lot of friends. Sam's path to a successful career as a therapy dog began when […] | April 28, 2017
Fifth All-American Dog Earns Utility Dog Excellent Title
Chloe Wild Child UDX OM1 BN RA THD CGC owned by Nancy Nelson of Manorville, NY Chloe became just the fifth All-American Dog to earn the UDX on Oct. 1, 2016, at Suffolk Obedience Training Club. Nancy tells us about their journey to this top obedience title: “The road on this part of our obedience […] | April 25, 2017
Agility Gives Rescue Pup Much-Needed Confidence
MACH Jaxs MXB MJS MXF owned by Elaine Rinicker of Lutz, FL Jaxs was twice given up to rescue before 5 months of age. Then Elaine adopted him at 6 months of age from Rocket Angels Italian Greyhound Rescue, where they thought he was an Italian Greyhound/Basenji mix. “He was very shy and anxious about everything […] | April 24, 2017
Chance Meeting with Rescue Pup Leads to Agility Partnership
MACH Dixie Belle Black MXB MJS owned by Jennifer Sumpter – Algonquin, IL Shortly after losing her beloved dog of 14 years, Jennifer decided to acquire a dog from a local rescue. During a meet and greet arranged by the rescue, Jennifer was unsure of her decision due to the feeling of not bonding with any […] | April 20, 2017
Pup Found on Highway Now Winning Rally Honors
Waltzing Matilda RAE CGCA CGCU owned by Jill Lindsay of Bismarck, ND Tillie is a Border Collie mix who was found in a cardboard box along a North Dakota highway in 2009 and was rescued with the other members of her litter. After finishing an obedience class at a pet supply store with her other […] | April 19, 2017
Older Dogs Can Learn New Tricks – Meet Coco!
Miss Coco Rochelle CDX PCDX BN GN RAE THDN CGC owned by Jean Schaardt of Manahawkin, NJ Coco had a hard road in life, but is proof you can teach an old dog new tricks.  She spent the first seven years of her life in a Tennessee kennel and then was turned into a shelter, […] | April 14, 2017
Therapy Dog Inspires Amputees After Losing Leg
Griff THDD CGC owned by Karen Scott of Versailles, KY Originally, Griff’s future was set to compete in agility. However, early in his puppyhood, Griff showed symptoms of shoulder trouble in his right leg. After learning that agility was out of question for Griff, a new job was needed for his future. “Work as a […] | April 13, 2017
Congrats to All-Americans Prevailing at National Events
Congratulations to AKC Canine Partners dogs who had some big wins in 2017 national events. AKC National Agility Championship – Congratulations to Quicksilver Cherry On Top MX MXJ OF (Sundae) & Angie Benacquisto of Ortonville, MI, for winning the 12-inch Championship and to MACH9 PACH2 Logan Lake Hope MXC2 MJG3 MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX2 […] | April 11, 2017
Once Stray Living on Trash, Lucky Cricket Now Winning Rally Honors
Lucky Cricket RAE CD OA OAJ owned by Beth Jansen by Albuquerque, NM Cricket joined Beth’s family in 2013 after she was found living in a trailer park with another dog, surviving on trash. Some good samaritans noticed the dogs and contacted a rescue group, who placed the dogs in foster care. When Cricket arrived […] | April 2, 2017

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