Good Samaritans Save Injured Dog & His Companion
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dogs getting hit on the highway, it happens every day. But when a Good Samaritan saw two dogs trying to cross three lanes of traffic on Highway 71, she had to pull over. She was able to save them with the help of Kansas City’s finest. | August 7, 2015
Wonder Dog Riley — Always at the Top of Her Class
Riley is a mixed-breed dog who started showing in AKC Rally in August 2012. Since her first time in the ring, she acted as though she was born to compete. “She had never been to a dog show, or anything like it, but that didn’t matter,” Sandra said. “She loved getting to show off her […] | August 7, 2015
Junior Handler & Family Scheduled To Appear on Travel Channel Show
Seventeen-year-old Steven Pink of Punta Gorda, FL, and his Labrador Retriever, Stark, will make an appearance on Big Time RV, a show that airs on the Travel Channel. The episodes are scheduled to appear in a double premiere at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 16. Steven shows Stark in dock diving, as well as […] | August 6, 2015
Preferred Agility Class Gives Millie New Start After Injury
Illinois resident Cathy Mitchell rescued Millie eight years ago from a humane society when the dog was just an 8-week-old puppy. The German Shepherd mix started competing in agility at age 4 years, jumping in the 24-inch height division. Then she suffered a rear leg injury and was sidelined from competition for nearly a year. […] | August 6, 2015
Dogs Enjoy Backyard Agility in This Cute Video
You do not have to have a set of agility equipment to get your dogs started in this fun sport. Mixed-breed dogs, Chuckles and Samson, have a lot of fun in this homemade backyard course! Mixed-breed dogs compete in AKC Agility through the AKC Canine Partners program for all dogs, including rescues. | August 5, 2015
Meet Rio: A Really Cute Guy Who is Smart Too!
After only 16 months of living with Apple, Rio has already earned his AKC Rally Novice title, which he achieved in three straight tries from May 8-10 at the High Plains Desert Cluster trials in Albuquerque, NM. Out of a possible perfect score of 100, Rio earned scores of 98, 97 and 94! Rio is […] | August 5, 2015
Three Quick Canine Cool Down Tips
1. Cool off with the hose! Many dogs love to chase and bite at the water from a garden hose. Just make sure your dog doesn't drink too much or overexert himself playing this game. Karma, a 9-year-old mixed-breed, loves playing with the hose in her backyard in Hermitage, TN, with her owner Rebecca Lynch, […] | August 5, 2015
Jack: Just a Dog That Needed a Job
Sue Dockery of Gray, TN, wrote us about her rescue dog, Jack, and how training saved their relationship and put them on the path to competition. Jack now holds titles in AKC Obedience and Rally. “I adopted Jack from our local animal shelter in 2010. He was a very wild dog; he was excited to […] | August 4, 2015
Stray Puppy Found on Walk Becomes Multi-Titled Performer
One day in April of 2010, I was walking past a cemetery with my Standard Rat Terrier, Lucky, when a puppy came from behind a house across the street and began following us. Despite my efforts to shoo her off, she followed us for about three blocks. When she nearly got hit by a car, […] | August 4, 2015
Meet Adorable Norbert – Canine Good Citizen & Tricks Star!
Norbert is an adorable mixed-breed dog who has won the AKC Canine Good Citizen award, is a certified therapy dog, and loves to do tricks! Mixed-breeds and rescue dogs can qualify for the AKC Canine Good Citizen title through the AKC Canine Partners program. | August 3, 2015

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