Delilah – Stature & Age: No Indicator of Talent
MACH Delilah Dog MXB MJB T2B CA owned by Jennifer Rourk of Dallas, OR Ten-year-old Delilah is a Chihuahua mix that Jennifer says embodies the phrase "Size is no indicator of talent. She pours her whole self into everything that she does, and agility is no exception.” At trials in the Pacific Northwest, Delilah and […] | June 8, 2015
Summer Cool-Down Tip: Easy Snack for Your Dogs
Fleury has decided the best way to keep cool is to lounge in the bird bath, as you can see in this funny shot submitted by her owner Christine Harrison of Ashland, VA. For an easy and fast way to cool down your dogs, try this easy recipe. Take non-fat yogurt and either chicken broth […] | June 8, 2015
Road Tripping with Rover
Kathy Matjeka of Colorado Springs, CO, often hits the road with her pooches, Brewster and Zinger, for weekend getaways. Here she offers some tips for making the most of your canine road trips: Stop often for potty, play and exploration breaks. We like to go into small towns along the route where there is often […] | June 5, 2015
Playing in the Garden – Learn How Plants Impact Your Dogs
Dogs love being outdoors, rolling in the grass and running through the foliage. Elvis is playing hide-and-go seek in this picture shared by his owner Sandy Misenheimer of Mount Holly, NC. It’s a great time of year to let your dogs enjoy the outdoors, but always be aware of what type of plants grow in […] | June 5, 2015
Active Rescue Dog Takes to Coursing
Ranch Dog CAX owned by Susan Lewis of  Wildomar, CA Ranch Dog or, RD as she is called, is a 5-year-old mixed-breed who came from a Los Angeles rescue group when she was 9 weeks old. “She had lots and lots of energy and after a daily walk of 3 miles, she would still come […] | June 5, 2015
Kids & Dog Playtime – Parental Supervision Required
Kids & Dogs Playtime – Parental Supervision Required Ajax did not mind riding in the shopping cart of his best buddy, Cassandra Saunders, in this cute photo submitted by mom Noel Saunders of Albrightsville, PA, for a 2012 issue of the AKC Canine Partners News. The two loved to play together. Children and dogs belong together and can […] | June 4, 2015
“Demon” Puppy Cured with Agility Job!
MACH Dewey MXB MJS OF T2B owned by Elise Strauss of Anchorage, AK Dewey is a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix and is Elise’s first agility dog. She never would have discovered the fun sport if it was not for trying desperately to find a way to keep Dewey busy! “I got him when he […] | June 4, 2015
Travels with Fido – Summer Vacation Stops
A camper or motorhome make it much easier to take your dogs with you when you travel as you can take all the comforts of home with them – and you do not have to worry about finding pet-friendly lodging. Susan Robinson tell us about some of her family’s favorite stops with their four dogs […] | June 4, 2015
Teenager Excels at AKC Agility with Her Rescue Dog
JuliAnna Munden is a lifelong dog lover, but training classes and competitions never occurred to her. A bark in her backyard changed all that. One day five years ago, JuliAnna was trying to study but a persistent bark outside her home in Pasco, WA, kept interrupting. “I went out back and saw this dog inside […] | June 3, 2015
Meet Logan – A Sweet and Smart Fellow
Clark's Logan UD BN GO RN THDX CGCA owned by Kathy Clark of Chino, CA Logan is a rescue dog who has earned the AKC Obedience title of Utility Dog (UD) – the most advanced class level in competition obedience. Utility requires dogs to perform many difficult exercises, including Scent Discrimination in which the dog […] | June 3, 2015

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