Fight Pet Obesity – Take your Dog Swimming!
Today (Oct. 7) is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, an event created by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, to educate owners that dogs, cats and other pets need to be kept in shape for their health. A great way to exercise your dog is swimming. It is easy on the joints so it is great […] | October 7, 2015
This Puppy Play Session Will Bring A Smile
Rémi (light puppy) and his brother Wongwong (dark puppy) reunited for the second time after leaving their litter. The Labrador-Husky mix puppies are having fun with typical puppy play fighting! The puppies were 4 months old when this video was taken. Mixed-breed dogs are eligible for AKC events and programs through the AKC Canine Partners program. | October 6, 2015
Greatest Treasure to Come My Way: A Little Stray from East LA
That is how Paula Kotowski of Santa Barbara, CA, describes her little rescue dog Riley, who is formally known in the AKC Canine Partners program as PACH Smiley Riley MXP3 MJP4 PAX. Paula adopted Riley when he was about 9 months old from a crowded Los Angeles shelter, where he had been brought in as […] | October 6, 2015
Former Rescue Puppy Charms Many as Therapy Dog
Susan Smith of Bordentown, NJ, shares this special story of her mixed-breed, Charm, who has overcome many obstacles to earn the highest honor in AKC Rally. Today, Charm Princess Jewell Smith RAE THD CGC, is healthy, happy and also making others happy through her work as a therapy dog. Charm is a  member of the […] | October 5, 2015
First Dog Leads to First Training Experience & Agility Championship
Jennifer Clemons of Las Vegas, NV, shared this story of how her first dog, Maddy, led her to dog training classes and then agility competitions. Today, Maddy is MACH Madeline of Pine Banks  MXB  MXS T2B2 OF - a recipient of the AKC's top honor in Agility - the Master Agilty Championship (MACH). Maddy competes […] | October 2, 2015
Former Shelter Puppy Earns Most Advanced Obedience Title
Ginger was a shelter puppy, on the red-list alert for euthanasia, before Laurene adopted her. Ginger, now 4 years old, and Laurene love to hike, run, and train for obedience. In only three years of competing, Ginger has earned the AKC Canine Good Citizen award, AKC Rally Excellent (RE) title, and gone through the highest […] | October 2, 2015
The Road to Getting the “Devil’s Doll’s” RAE Title
Thomas Stancliff of Manvel, TX, shared this story about his Labrador mix, Doll, and his and his wife Jeanne's adventures with her since she showed up at their house three years ago. Doll’s formal AKC name is La Muneca Del Diablo RAE, and she recently earned the highest honor in AKC Rally. Doll competes in […] | October 1, 2015
Take Your Dog Out to the Ball Game!
Above, he enjoys a San Franciso Giants baseball game during the team’s Giants Dog Day at AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA. And this summer, he had a great time at the Bark in the Park event at the Oakland Athletics game (pictured below). Many sports teams now feature regular “dog day” events so owners […] | October 1, 2015
Buddy Featured on Today Show For Helping At-Risk Students
Buddy, a 3-year-old Airedale Terrier, is pictured watching himself on television, in this cute photo taken by his owner Judy Krug of Chicago, IL. Buddy is a therapy dog and certified reading assistant dog, who is a member of SitStayRead. He spent the summer in Chicago Public School (CPS) classrooms listening to first and second […] | September 30, 2015
From Dumped to Dynamic: Quin Wins Agility Championship
PACH the Mighty Quinlan RE AX AXJ OFP owned by Chris & David Hodges of Wichita Falls, TX Quin was dropped out in the country and wandered up to a farm when he was only around 5 months old.  “A friend of mine went and got him, thinking she might be able to find him a […] | September 30, 2015

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