Maddie: Agility is a Lot More Fun Than a Walk!
MACH My Little Maddie MXB MJS owned by Marion Kasch of Hanover Park, IL “When I met Maddie at an adoption event, she never took her eyes off of me. She knew she was meant to be my dog,“ Marion says. After adopting Maddie, Marion discovered that her new canine companion liked to keep busy. “Maddie loved getting […] | June 18, 2015
Brownie: From Stray Dog to Rally Star
Brownie Maeve BN RAE CGC owned by Carol Cordeau Young of Barlett, TN Brownie was discovered sleeping under the rose bushes in Carol’s front yard and shortly thereafter, joined her family as permanent member. Carol took Brownie to obedience classes to learn some manners at the Shelby County Obedience Club (SCOC) in Memphis, TN, and […] | June 17, 2015
This Weekend, Try Some Dock Diving!
If your dog loves water and retrieving, then they are a natural for the exciting sport of dock diving. AKC recognizes the titles of the North America Diving Dogs (NADD) association, and there are many NADD events going on around the country every weekend. There are competitions this coming weekend (June 20-21) in New York, […] | June 17, 2015
Spring Time Makes Us Smile!
Fawkes and Miro are enjoying the final days of spring in this beautiful garden. They spend their days smiling with owner Maile Hirano of Duvall, WA. Fawkes and Miro are members of the AKC Canine Partners community for all dogs, including mixed-breeds and rescues. | June 17, 2015
Meet MACH Annie – A Special “Speagle”
MACH Sollars’ Dreamboat Annie MXB MJB XF owned by Karen Sollars of Lafayette, IN Karen adopted Annie from a shelter back in summer 2007 when it was estimated that Annie was about six months old.  A spaniel-Beagle mixed, dubbed a “Speagle” by Karen, Annie was a natural for agility. “We became involved in agility back […] | June 16, 2015
Do You Snooze with Your Pooch?
Most experts agree that as long as you do not suffer from dog-dander related allergies and your dog does not disturb your sleep, that there is no harm in having your dog as your sleeping companion. In fact, it can improve your sleep by making you feel more safe and calm - plus dogs can […] | June 16, 2015
Dog Gains Focus & Exercise through Agility
MACH Folly Farnsworth MXB MJS OF owned by Trudy & Sean Price of Kingsport, TN Trudy describes 6-year-old Folly, a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix, as “the extreme of high energy/anxiety.” “Folly took obedience classes and was always a disruption in class. He could not focus…We tried everything to calm him but nothing seemed to help.” A […] | June 15, 2015
Rescue Dog Honored for Therapy Work
Amstel Thresher THDD, owned by Alison Thresher of Port Chester, NY, has earned the AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished title for making more than 400 visits to help others. Alison adopted Amstel from the North Shore Animal League in November 2004 at the age of 7 ½ weeks. She had such a great temperament and did […] | June 15, 2015
All Paws on Deck – Canine Boating Tips
Remi, Sassi and Anna love to go boating in the summer with owner Barbara Kappe and her family of Tinton Falls, NJ. Barbara said her canine crew loves to spend holidays and weekends on the St. Lawrence River. Many dogs love to go boating with their owners, but it is a good idea to get them […] | June 15, 2015
Recipe: Birthday Coming Up? Bake Your Dog a Treat!
How do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? If you are lucky like Leo, his owner Louisiana resident Dorothy Diehl bakes him a cake! If party plans for your dog include cake or cookies, remember that human bakery items are not good for dogs. Try this simple recipe with dog friendly ingredients that can be used […] | June 12, 2015

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