Canine Partners Junior Handler Spotlight: Deborah Tung
Deborah Tung is a Virginia teenager who does it all with her dogs. Deborah competes in Agility and the fun new sport of Barn Hunt with her All-American Dog, Nigel. Barn Hunt tests all dogs’ hunting ability in finding vermin, which many breeds were developed to perform. Rats are placed in heavy, safe PVC tubes […] | March 11, 2015
Gander Raises Awareness of Service Dogs’ Healing Magic
Gander Raises Awareness of Service Dogs’ Healing Magic     When the 2014 winners of the AKC Humane Fund Awards of Canine Excellence (ACE) were presented at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships, the roll call included a former shelter dog who almost lost his life and a military veteran who nearly took his own life. Gander […] | March 11, 2015
Incredible Nose Earns Top Titles & Finds Lost Pets
Griffin Fielding TDX owned by Maureen Fielding of N. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Seven-year-old Griffin came into being through an accidental mating between a black German Shepherd female and a German Short-haired Pointer male. “He is a fine hunting dog with a strong work ethic, making him an excellent tracking dog,” Maureen said. Griffin started […] | January 29, 2015

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