Abandoned by the Road, Baxter Survives to Become Agility Superstar
MACH Bax to the Future MXB MJB OF CAA owned by Maggie Fan of Athens, GA “Baxter was found on the side of the road and once I was told about him, the rest was history,” Maggie said. Maggie adopted Baxter and started training classes in basic obedience and manners. Baxter did so well that […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/abandoned-by-the-road-baxter-survives-to-become-agility-superstar/ | June 23, 2015
Once Lost in the Woods, Buster is Now an Obedience Success Story
Buster J. Brown UD RE owned by Tom Kmiotek of Naperville, IL Tom found Buster in 2004 while walking in the woods in his area. It appeared the terrier-mix had been lost for some time; he was very thin, dirty and weak. Tom took Buster to a dog rescue group, which cleaned him up and […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/once-lost-in-the-woods-buster-is-now-an-obedience-success-story/ | June 23, 2015
Foster Dog Conquers Fears Through Agility
PACH Beautiful Kim Bianca AX AXJ MXPB MJPB PAX owned by Narae Kim & Ron Ellis of Concord, CA Bianca is an 11 year old Border Collie-mix who was with a Border Collie rescue group before Narae and Ron took her on as a foster dog. “I couldn't find a home for her because she […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/foster-dog-conquers-fears-thru-agility/ | June 23, 2015
One of the First Canine Partners: Foster Puppy Turned Agility Dog
Dozens of dogs’ tails wag faster when they see Dori “Bubba” Wilson. The North Carolina resident has been foster “mom” to more than 400 dogs since 2002, giving them love and care until their forever homes are found. But there is something Wilson admits that she did not provide: training. “I had never even trained […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/one-of-the-first-canine-partners-foster-puppy-turned-agility-dog/ | June 22, 2015
Is That a Lion on the Loose?
No, just Bayley putting on his lion's mane and doing an amazing impression of the King of the Jungle. Bayley, a member of the AKC Canine Partners community, is owned by Donna Parkman, who submitted this great picture! The AKC Canine Partners community is for all dogs, including mixed-breeds and rescues. For more information look […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/is-that-a-lion-on-the-loose/ | June 22, 2015
Rescued from Death on the Roads, Clyde Becomes Agility Champion
MACH Clyde MXB MJB owned by Mary Ann Werz of Iowa City, IA Mary Ann first spotted Clyde running in the middle of a busy street on her way to work.  “Every rib was showing. I pulled over and called to him, and he wouldn't come.  Called again, and he jumped into my arms,” Mary Ann said. […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/rescued-from-death-on-the-roads-clyde-becomes-agility-champion/ | June 19, 2015
Are You Ready to Take the Plunge — Into Summer?
The first day of summer is Sunday (June 21) and our AKC Canine Partners members are taking the plunge in celebration of the season of swimming! The dog-paddling cutie above is Dusty, owned by Debby Cotellessa, and going for the gold below is Crockett, owned by Sue McGinness. For more information on joining the AKC […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/are-you-ready-to-take-the-plunge-into-summer/ | June 19, 2015
Canine Partners Member Moonlights as Model
Congratulations to Mack whose cute face is featured on the box of the Purina Alpo Variety Snacks treat box! Four-year-old Mack was once a stray dog, but thanks to his owner and trainer Mary Mackenzie of E. Carondelet, IL, he is now a beloved pet, as well as an agility competitor and a professional model […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/canine-partners-member-moonlights-as-model/ | June 19, 2015
Former Stray Puppy is a Tracking Trail Blazer
Grand-View My Retirement Plan RE TD owned by Trish Simon of Borden, IN Trish’s neighbor found then 3-month-old Zoey and her littermate running with a young Beagle through a field in December 2008.  “On her way home, my neighbor saw me and stopped.  ‘Hey Trish, look what I found.’ The beagle was very happy. Then […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/former-stray-puppy-is-a-tracking-trail-blazer/ | June 18, 2015
Who Needs Jurassic World When You Have Buddy?
Buddy is doing his best dinosaur impression, but he definitely looks like a friendly type - and also very cute. Buddy, a member of the AKC Canine Partners program, does his Jurassic role-playing at home with owner Roxanne Chang of Torrance, CA. The AKC Canine Partners program is for all dogs, including mixed-breeds and rescues. For information […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/who-needs-jurassic-world-when-you-have-buddy/ | June 18, 2015

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