Meet AKC Preferred Agility Champion Mr. Smarty
Smarty is a rescue dog who was turned in to a shelter after showing up at a factory every day for several weeks to share the workers’ lunch. “That’s why we call him a  professional beggar - because he made his living at it for a while,” his owner Sheila Booth of Free Union, Va., […] | March 26, 2015
Get An Introduction to Agility: AKC’s My Dog Can Do That!
  Riley peered through the tunnel, as if he were Alice about to tumble down the rabbit’s hole into Wonderland. Such a small space, such a big dog, it seemed impossible. Yet, on a bright, sunny Sunday morning in May, Riley’s trusted, well-loved human, Jay Cruz, was asking the 14-month-old Mastiff to squeeze his whole […] | March 25, 2015
The Week Before Your First Rally Trial
This article originally ran in the “Training & Behavior” column of AKC Family Dog. Congratulations on entering your first rally trial! The hours of practice with your dog are about to pay off. Now all you have to do is stick with your plan for pre-show week and you’ll be good to go. Show Countdown: […] | March 25, 2015
Good Luck to AKC National Agility Championship contenders!
There are 34 All-American Dogs entered in the 2015 AKC National Agility Championship that takes place Friday – Sunday, March 27-29. This year’s location is the Reno-Sparks Livestock Event Center in Reno, NV.  Get more information and keep up with results over the weekend at: /events/agility/national/ Here are the 2015 contenders, listed in alphabetical order […] | March 25, 2015
Street Dog Becomes Agility Competitor
with Family's Devotion   While her daughter took a tennis lesson, jogger Vicky Kaseorg put her wait time to good use with a run around the neighborhood. A lifelong animal lover, Vicky forced herself to look away when she spotted a skinny mud-covered dog lying in a parking lot. Surely some kind-hearted person would help, […] | March 24, 2015
Teaching Your Dog to Wait at the Door
Contributed to AKC Canine Partners by Kari Koulmentas “Wait at the door” differs from stay in that your dog will get to move forward after given permission.  It doesn’t matter if they sit, lie down, or stand as long as they don’t move forward without permission.  We first use the door as the prompt, but […] | March 24, 2015
Three Keys to Successful Dog Training
Contributed to AKC Canine Partners by Rexann Lemke Consistency, Patience, Fun – Remember those three words and you will develop a great relationship with your dog that leads to successful training. That is the advice of professional dog trainer Rexann Lemke who operates Rex’s Canine Training LLC in Wisconsin. Rexann is the owner, handler and […] | March 24, 2015
AKC Utility Dog: Wilbur
AKC Utility Dog (UD), Wonderful Wilbur UD and Sheila O’Brien of Richfield, MN Long-time obedience competitor Sheila O’Brien was looking for a German Shepherd Dog when she spotted a photo of a terrier-mix puppy on “He and his brother were from a kill shelter in Missouri. I wasn’t looking for a little dog but […] | March 23, 2015
AKC Rally Dog: Chok Dee
AKC Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE), Chok Dee CD BN RAE THD and Laura Manchester of Hillsdale, NY Chok Dee is a 9-year-old dog who started his life as a street dog in Bangkok, Thailand. When he was about a year old, a volunteer veterinarian from Boston came across him while helping a local rescue organization […] | March 23, 2015

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