Pediatric Dentist Shares Therapy Dog Success Story
This article appeared in the May issue of the American Dental Association (ADA) News. In the photograph, Dr. Alan Golden, Elysia Yriarte and Natalia Caraballo smile for the camera while petting Flossie, a dental therapy dog, and her half-sister Lexa, a dental therapy dog-in-training. By Kimber Solana, ADA News At the Golden Pediatric Dentistry & […] | June 30, 2015
Dog Sports Great Way to Keep High-Energy Dog Busy
Toby’s Sister Shiloh RN CAA RATN owned by Joe Horne of Florence, SC Joe discovered lure coursing while researching ways to keep his Border Collie mix, Shiloh, entertained.  “I had never been involved in any kind of dog related events, but I started looking for any kind of sport to keep her busy so she […] | June 29, 2015
Former Stray Dog Brightens the Lives of Veterans
Danny & Jeannette Templeton of Roanoke, VA, shared this story with the AKC Canine Partners News about the work their rescue dog, Buddy, does to help veterans. In 2005, we rescued our second dog, Buddy, a Beagle mix puppy, from a campground we frequent.  My husband, Danny, discovered him while riding around the lake. Buddy […] | June 29, 2015
Skylar Overcame Back Injury to Earn Agility Honor
MACH Sweet Skylar MXB MJS owned by Lynn Van Vleet of Rockford, IL Skylar was 3 months old when Lynn brought her home. “She was a very happy and energetic puppy. I decided to take her to obedience classes and she achieved her AKC Canine Good Citizen award,” Lynn said. “I knew she had a lot […] | June 29, 2015
This Weekend, Go See a Barn Hunt!
If your dog loves to chase squirrels and dig for moles, then they would love the sport of Barn Hunt. Dogs get to hunt for rats, which are safely enclosed in heavy PVC tubes that are hidden in hay bales. The sport is for all dogs of all breeds, including mixed-breeds, like Hexie, who is […] | June 26, 2015
Memorial to Abandoned Dog Who Spread Kindness and Compassion
 This is a special story about an incredible therapy dog. Luke passed way in January 2010 at about 14 years of age, but the impact he made on many children continues to last. His owner Debra White shares their story. To protect privacy, Debra has changed the names. This story originally appeared in an issue […] | June 26, 2015
Abused Children Receive Loving Support from Service Dog
Hayward is a true canine hero because he saves the lives of children every day. The Labrador Retriever-Golden Retriever mix serves as a facility dog at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Hammond, LA, where he works with children who have been sexually abused or severely neglected. Hayward’s role is to serve as a child’s comfort […] | June 25, 2015
Former Shelter Dog Excels at AKC Sport of Coursing Ability
Vera’s first owner left her to die in a box beside a busy road. A family discovered the puppy and rescued her until their landlord discovered the new addition. Vera had to go. The family found her a home with a teacher who had a soft heart for homeless dogs. But ultimately, the teacher had […] | June 25, 2015
Odette: My One-Time Therapy Dog
Not every dog is cut out for the demanding role of a therapy dog. Rachel Shaw shared this story about her rescue Catahoula Leopard Dog and her discovery along the training road that Odette preferred not to do therapy work - except for one special moment that she will never forget. This story originally appeared in […] | June 24, 2015
Veteran Trains Shelter Dog as Assistance Dog
Greeting people would top the list of things that Wilson least liked to do. The black Labrador Retriever stayed far away from visitors to the Johnston County (NC) Animal Shelter.  He had no trust of human beings. That was before shelter volunteer Marcus Holland spotted him and saw something special in the young dog. A […] | June 24, 2015

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