Palo Adds High in Trial to his Resume
Congrats to All-American Dog “Palo,” who earned the prestigious High in Trial at the July 7, 2018 County Wide Dog Training Club trial in Rohnert Park, CA. This also won him the High Scoring Mixed Breed Award. Palo, also known as Woodacre’s Lucky Dragon CD BN RN CAX2 BCAT is owned by Jackie Phillips of […] | February 22, 2019
Competition and Title Updates Winter 2019
We have some big news to report about All-Americans succeeding at earning the top titles in Agility, Coursing Ability, Rally, Obedience, Tracking and Trick Dog, including the fourth All-American Dog to earn the new AKC Agility Grand Championship, the fifth All American Dog to earn the AKC Champion Tracker title, and another CAX for the […] | February 15, 2019
Canine Partners Spotlight Winter 2019
This Special Service Dog Helps Autistic Child in Many Ways  Regal is a 3-year-old Labrador Retriever-Golden Retriever mix who has a very special purpose in life. He is trained to be a constant companion to a 9-year-old boy who has autism. Read on to learn about their amazing bond: For most of his life, Eli […] | February 15, 2019
Meet Maria Griffin: Junior Spotlight Winter 2019
Meet Maria Griffin: Parents made the right choice in getting her a dog  Maria Griffin, 17, persisted with her parents in getting them to let her have a dog. Her persistence paid off, and her All-American Dog MACH Bisquik MXB MJB PJD OF placed fourth in the 16-inch class at the Junior Agility Competition in […] | February 15, 2019
AKC Title Recognition Winter 2019
The AKC now works with several non-AKC service and sports organizations to recognize the titles that AKC-registered dogs earn in their programs. This includes the AKC Therapy Dog titling program and the AKC Search & Rescue title program. AKC also recognizes titles of the Barn Hunt Association (BHA); North American Diving Dogs (NADD); and the […] | February 15, 2019
Training Tip Winter 2019
Don’t let stress keep you from doing your best By Jordan York This issue’s training tip is from Jordan York, who lives in Southern Indiana with three dogs: a 9-year-old All American, Moses; a 4-year-old Border Collie rescue, Nile; and a 7-month-old Border Collie puppy, Capture. Jordan is a registered nurse and works as an […] | February 15, 2019
Great Adventures Photo Gallery Winter 2019
Great Adventures Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures! [gallery ids="73676,73675,73674,73673,73672,73671,73670,73669,73668,73666,73665,73664,73663,73662,73661,73660,73658,73656,73655,73653,73652,73650,73649,73646,73645,73644,73641,73640,73639,73638,73637,73636,73635,73634,73633,73632,73630"] | February 11, 2019

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