Meet A Flyball Master!
Horton RE FM CGC owned by Barbara Wojciak of Birmingham, AL The American Kennel Club has worked with the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) since 2012 on recognizing titles. Flyball competitors can apply to the AKC to have the titles of Flyball Dog Champion (FDCh); Flyball Master (FM); and ONYX recognized on their AKC records. […] | April 16, 2015
Rescue Pup Overcomes Heartworms & Injury to Earn Championship
Susan was looking for a buddy for her Shetland Sheepdog puppy, who had just lost his two big “brothers.” She saw a potential new companion for adoption with a local rescue group. The group brought the dog out for Susan to meet and just happened to also have Maggie along for the ride. “She was […] | April 15, 2015
Meet a Junior Handler & Her All-American Dog
Meet Franessa Limpach and her All-American Dog, Sierra, who have earned many agility titles and have competed in the national AKC Juniors Agility competition. Franessa was just 8 years old when she met Sierra, then age 8 months. Name: Franessa Limpach Age: 17 Grade: High school senior Hometown: Racine, WI Family: Father, Roger Mauer; half-brother, […] | April 15, 2015
From Practice Ring to Show Ring – Make the Transition Successful & Fun
These training tips offer great advice for anyone who is competing or thinking about competing in dog sports. They are brought to us by Alison Smith, co-owner and head trainer at Personal Paws Inc. in Toronto, Canada. She holds a master’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing but left the corporate world three years ago […] | April 15, 2015
Meet Master Agility Champion – Emma
MACH Emma T. McDivot owned by Daryl Kay & Jim Hall of Bosque Farms, NM Emma was adopted from the Albuquerque, NM, animal shelter in 2008. The small cattle dog mix was about a year old and severely traumatized. “She huddled on her bed in the far corner of her little room, unwilling to move. […] | April 15, 2015
Meet an AKC Search & Rescue Titled Dog
Read on to meet an All-American Dog and his handler who work with the Jefferson County (KY) Search Dog Association and have earned the AKC Search and Rescue Wilderness designation: Thompson’s Rex SAR-W & Gary Thompson of Pekin, IN – Rex is an All-American Dog that Gary Thompson first met at the local humane society’s […] | April 14, 2015
Meet Master Agility Champion – Pepsi
MACH Pepsi RE MXB MJB NJP MXF T2B3 Pepsi was in an animal shelter where Mette Bryans of Eureka, CA, volunteered to temperament test dogs. “Pepsi put up with everything on the temperament test, but it was with an expression that clearly said, ‘You are pushing my buttons.’  As I  finished making notes, Pepsi jumped […] | April 14, 2015
My Dog Will Not Come When Called – Oh, That Precious Recall
The successful recall is one of the most necessary behaviors to instill in a dog. It is also, arguably, with some dogs, the most difficult to successfully train. First, let us address some reasons dogs do not come when called: Problem: The recall cue is inconsistent and/or handler voice is overly authoritative. Solution: Always use the dog's […] | April 14, 2015
Meet AKC Obedience Trial Champion – Sophie
Meet OTCH Sophie Sparkle Gypsy All the dogs in the shelter clamored to be seen – barking and jumping against their kennel doors. But Julie Kirkland kept coming back to the dog that seemed more interested in watching than getting attention. “As my husband and I were walking through the facility looking at the adoptable […] | April 13, 2015
Meet AKC Coursing Ability Superstar – Vera
Meet Vera the Dragon Slayer CAX2 Vera is a 3 year old Boxer mix that Norman Price of Kennewick, WA, adopted from a rescue group in July 2011. “But the truth is she rescued me. She is my best friend and I love her very much,” he said. Norman was told that a family found […] | April 13, 2015

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