Multi-Talented Twins Share Love for Therapy Dog Service & Hunting
Multi-Talented Twins Share Love for Therapy Dog Service & Hunting Owned by Bonnie & Charles Bird of Bellingham, WA Jigi and Zuzu are All-American Dog twins, born on Bonnie's birthday and brought to their forever home on Charles’ birthday. They are both Grand Champion Barn Hunters and AKC Distinguished Therapy Dogs.  Jigi is additionally the […] | March 30, 2016
Puppy Socialization Session Results in New Partner & Sport
MACH Sir Tucker MXB MJG MXF MFB T2B3 CGC owned by Scott & Denise Beaumont of Granite Falls, WA In November 2010, Scott & Denise helped “socialize” a litter of 8-week-old Aussie mix puppies at Lil’ Waif Puppy Rescue, not intending to bring one home. “But Tucker chose us that day.  Thankfully he did,” Denise […] | March 29, 2016
Rescue Schnauzer Seems Born to Help Others As Therapy Dog
Guira’s Bella THDD CGCA CGCU & Eileen Guiry of Dover, DE Bella, a 10-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, was a rescue dog living in the Kent County SPCA shelter when Eileen Guiry of Dover, DE, adopted her. Eileen quickly recognized that Bella had the makings of an excellent therapy dog. “When I first got Bella, she was […] | March 25, 2016
All-American Dog Wins National Agility Championship
Roo!, a former shelter dog, captured her second AKC National Agility Championship on Sunday at the annual event held in Tulsa, OK. Several other All-American Dogs prevailed at the agility nationals, AKC Rally National Championship and AKC National Obedience Championship. Roo! is owned and trained by Stacey Campbell of California. The leggy shepherd mix was […] | March 23, 2016
Search for Golden Lands Mixed-Breed with Heart of Gold
MACH Amarillo MXB MJB MXF T2B owned by Belinda Rodriquez of Pearland, TX Photo by Jozef Lewandowski/Ted's Photo Reflex Belinda was in search of a rescue Golden Retriever to compete with in agility as she had owned a Golden many years before and competed with that dog in agility. “I kept checking the rescue organizations […] | March 22, 2016
Spring is Here – Get Outside & Get Active with Your Dog
This spring consider investing some time in training and spending time with the four-legged member of your family. With longer daylight hours and warmer weather, there's no better time. There are quite a few fun activities you can do with your dog, in addition to walking and hiking. Treibball, agility, and dock diving are just […] | March 21, 2016
Training Takes Energetic Puppy All the Way to UD
“She was so full of energy that I knew I would need to channel it some way or she was going to be trouble all the time,” she said. Donna started Sissy in training classes as a puppy, and they had so much fun that they continued advancing all the way to their novice level […] | March 16, 2016
More than 50 Mixed-Breeds Entered in Agility Championship
That is a big difference from five years ago at the first NAC at which AKC Canine Partners dogs were eligible; only two mixed-breeds competed. Today, All-American Dogs are one of the most entered “breeds” at the prestigious event. Two contenders at the 2016 competition are Roo!, who has won the 24-inch division at a […] | March 16, 2016
Search for Perfect Dog Results in Accepting the Not So Perfect Pup
June 2013.  I was settling in for the evening with my two Golden Retrievers who had just enjoyed a fun weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains at an obedience trial.  Before the night was over, I would find myself with one less golden as a result of bloat. That tragic loss began the journey that […] | March 14, 2016
Talkative Husky Mix Loves to Play Agility
MACH Bailey Gaines MXB MJS is a talkative husky mix who loves agility and recently achieved the top honor in AKC Agility – the AKC Master Agility Championship. Christine Gaines adopted Bailey from a shelter when the pup was 5 months old and only started agility training as a way to bond with her new […] | March 13, 2016

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