All Dogs Can Play the Fun Sport of Flyball
If you have ever seen the fast sport of Flyball, you probably spotted many Border Collies and Australian Shepherds streaking down the lanes. But all dogs can play in this team relay race. Just ask Olive, a French Bulldog mix, who recently earned the prestigious ONYX award from the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) for […] | March 7, 2016
Rescue All-American Dog Headed to National Obedience Championship
The AKC invites the top three Obedience dogs of each breed, based on Obedience Trial Championship points, to the event that takes place March 19-20 in Tulsa, OK. This year, Jasmine is the only All-American Dog entered in the NOC. Jasmine holds the AKC title of Utility Dog (UD) and is a High in Trial […] | March 4, 2016
Scrawny Stray Blooms into Beloved Agility Champ
Ruby was a wormy, skinny puppy when Judy Finley of Edina, MN, adopted her from the local shelter. Once she got her health back, Ruby had a lot of energy so Judy thought she better channel it productively and took her to agility class. Ruby loved the sport and is now an AKC Agility champion […] | March 1, 2016
Senior Dog Rescued from Shelter Gets New Home & CGC Title
Simon was wandering the roads of Georgia when animal control picked him up and took him to the county shelter. The Aussie-mix was getting along in years and was in bad shape. The chances were slim that he would be adopted before his time was up, but Country Livin’ Pet Rescue pulled him out of […] | February 25, 2016
Pup’s Leash Pulling Leads to Training Classes & Now a Big Honor
When we first got Murphy as a puppy in March 2012, it was difficult to walk him, and he was afraid of everything and simultaneously wanted to chase everything else. We finally broke down and attended some formal training classes, where we finally understood how to communicate effectively with each other. In a little under […] | February 24, 2016
Shadow Earns Rally Title at 6 Months & Top Title by 2 Years
Shadow Earns Rally Title at 6 Months & Top Title by 2 Years Sandy River Casts a Shadow BN RAE, owned by Jan Treharne of Brush Prairie, WA, has been a fast learner since she adopted him at age 8 weeks. The Lab/Border Collie mix entered his first AKC Rally competition at age 6 months […] | February 23, 2016
Labeled as Untrainable, Harlie Proves Previous Owner Wrong & Brings Home the Ribbons
Sype's Harlie RN TD TDU THD CGCA CGCU, known as just Harlie, has so many dog sports titles now that they are longer than his name. But as a puppy, Harlie was abandoned by his owner in a vacant rental property with little food or water because she said the pup was “untrainable.” Harlie’s loving […] | February 22, 2016
Lucy’s Career Yields Yard Full of Ribbons
Lucy of Hill Crest BN RE OAP OJP OFP CGC RATO recently retired from competition at age 11 after an amazingly successful career that earned her titles in several sports and a yard full of ribbons. “I took this picture to reflect what a grand time we have had together,” said her owner Catherine Allred […] | February 19, 2016
Foster “Boxador” Becomes AKC Agility Champ
Being that my wife Sandy and I have Boxers as our breed of choice, we were asked by a friend to take in a Boxer dog as a foster. She turned out not to be a boxer, but a boxer-lab mix – a Boxador. The young girl seeking the temporary foster home was going through […] | February 18, 2016
Calling Dr. Jake – Special Rescue Lab Serves as Therapy and Service Dog
     Calling Dr. Jake – Special Rescue Lab Serves as Therapy and Service Dog Sliwa’s Jake CD BN RE THDD CGC is known as Dr. Jake in his community. Adopted from a shelter just three years ago by Dr. Wayne Sliwa of Bluegrass, IA, Jake has become a therapy dog and service dog, as well […] | February 17, 2016

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