This Service Dog Makes Time for Therapy Dog Work
Tessa Mae Hammett THDD CGCA CGCU owned by Beverly Hammett of Starkville, MS Tessa Mae, 10 years old, was born to be a guide dog for blind handlers in California. Beverly had worked with Tessa’s original handler for eight years, until she was no longer able to work her or financially care for her. Beverly […] | June 19, 2020
AKC Canine Partners 10th Anniversary Series
With AKC Canine Partners from the Beginning: Teah OA OAJ OF THD and California’s Little Orphan Annie NA NAJ NF owned by Deborah Hoeflich of Morro Bay, CA Debby’s dog, Teah, has been part of the AKC Canine Partners program since it started 10 years ago. Before Canine Partners, “Teah was competing (in another venue), […] | June 3, 2020

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