K9 College Roommate Rescue Earns his own Degree
Turbo-Nadir UD BN GN RAE3 AX AXJ NF CGCA TKP owned by Kimberly Ann Hoeppner of Welsh, LA Turbo earned his Utility Dog title at the Tallahassee Dog Obedience Club on Jan. 13. It was a proud moment for this little mixed breed rescue dog, who had been adopted and returned to the shelter three […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/k9-college-roommate-rescue-earns-degree/ | June 23, 2018
Junior Handler and Canine Partner Make EOJ Team Again!
Being selected for one of the US World Agility Teams is considered the ultimate achievement by many in the agility world. Junior handlers who are 18 years old and younger have the same exciting opportunity. This year’s European Open Junior (EOJ) Agility Championships will take place from July 13 to 15 in Roosendaal, Netherlands. For […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/junior-handler-canine-partner-make-eoj-team/ | June 13, 2018
Cheer for Canine Partners at 24th AKC National Obedience Championship and 5th AKC Rally National Championship
Congratulations to the Canine Partners who will compete in the 24th AKC National Obedience Championship and the 5th AKC Rally® National Championship! These events will take place in combination at the Roberts Centre Eukanuba Hall in Wilmington, Ohio June 29 – July 1. For details about the Obedience Championship, visit https://www.akc.org/sports/obedience/events/national-championship/ For details about the […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/cheer-canine-partners-24th-akc-national-obedience-championship-5th-akc-rally-national-championship/ | June 12, 2018
Two dogs, two Tracking titles in one day!
Bitpat's Dear Abby BN TD and Just Jesse TD, both owned by Elizabeth Patton of Lawrence, KS On March 4, 2018, each of Elizabeth (Bitsey) Patton’s dogs earned a Tracking Dog (TD) title. That’s right, two TDs in one day! “It was quite a day,” said Bitsey. [caption id="attachment_52624" align="alignright" width="231"] Bitpat's Dear Abby BN […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/two-dogs-two-tracking-titles-one-day/ | May 29, 2018
No Slowing Down for this Senior Dog
PACH Emmy Lue RA MXP12 MXPC MJPB PAX XFP T2BP CAX3 FCAT RATCH CGCA TKA FCAT owned by Jennifer Baiocco of Orlando, FL Emmy is a 13-year-old mix who loves coursing and agility, and despite her age she is still going strong! Emmy was adopted from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT in 2008. […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/no-slowing-senior-dog/ | May 20, 2018
Smarts and Charm: This Canine Athlete Gives Back
Tammy's Misty Jade CD BN RE OA OAJ NF THDD CGCU TKN owned by Carol Jean Maclean of Lompoc, CA “I am very proud of Tammy,” said Jean. She adopted Tammy from the Santa Maria Humane Society in February 2014. “From day one she has wanted to do whatever I ask of her.” Agility training began that […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/smarts-charm-canine-athlete-gives-back/ | May 7, 2018
I’ll have two Master Agility Championship titles today, please!
MACH Andrea’s Maximum Entropy RE MXB MJB MXF CGC MACH Andrea’s Little Buddy RE MXS MJB XF CGC Max and Buddy really brought it home for owner Andrea Atkinson of Cutler Bay, FL when they each earned their first MACH title in the last class of the last day of the same show held by […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/ill-two-master-agility-championship-titles-today-please/ | April 27, 2018
Puppy Prodigy Continues his Winning Ways
 Jax Majerle AD CGC RN TKA owned by Brandi and Pete Majerle of Peoria, AZ Last fall, we wrote about Jax when he earned a Trick Dog Novice title at 12 weeks of age. It was just the beginning for this precocious pup who will be one year old on June 6. After earning the […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/puppy-prodigy-continues-winning-ways/ | April 20, 2018
Rescue Dog is a Scent Work Star
Spartacus – Forever Home CGC SWN, owned by Lisa Gendhar of Kalamazoo, MI Lisa Gendhar adopted Spartacus from her local animal shelter in Kalamazoo, Michigan on October 24, 2008 when he was about 1 ½ years old. “I went to the shelter looking to adopt a German Shepherd when I came across Spartacus,” she said. […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/rescue-dog-scent-work-star/ | April 16, 2018
Scent Work the Perfect Sport for this One-time Stray
Third Home is the Charm, owned by Laurie Liversidge of Irving, TX  Goose, a former stray from Dallas, had several injuries when she was picked up, including an embedded collar that had to be surgically removed. She had been adopted once but was returned to the shelter a couple of months later. “Since she had […]
https://www.akc.org/canine-partners/scent-work-perfect-sport-one-time-stray/ | April 9, 2018

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