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MACH Jennifer’s Princess Bella MXS MJS OF owned by Jennifer Masterson of Zanesville, OH

Jennifer stopped at the dog shelter one day on a whim. As she was talking with a staff member about what types of dogs they had, Bella came from the back of her kennel and peeked her head out at her.

“I immediately knew that she would be a wonderful addition to my family. Bella even won my husband over quickly, which is a feat within itself,” Jennifer said.

A staff member from the shelter said Bella was approximately 3 years old and was brought to the shelter when her owner wasn’t able to keep her any longer. She is now around 9 years old.

“Bella and I started taking agility classes for something to do together.  It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I had the courage to enter our first trial. I was so nervous but Bella wasn’t phased by the new environment and did a great job.”

While Bella is “steady eddy” on the agility course, her favorite part of trialing is the social aspect. She loves to visit people and charm a treat from everyone. She thrives in social settings, which is why she also was an excellent therapy dog.

“It’s unbelievable to me that such an amazing and talented dog was at the shelter for two weeks. My husband and I feel blessed to have her in our family.”

Bella received the highest honor in AKC Agility – the Master Agility Championship (MACH) –  in April 2016 at the Parkersburg Obedience Training Club trial  in Zanesville, OH.