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Toby’s Sister Shiloh RN CAA RATN owned by Joe Horne of Florence, SC

Joe discovered lure coursing while researching ways to keep his Border Collie mix, Shiloh, entertained.

 “I had never been involved in any kind of dog related events, but I started looking for any kind of sport to keep her busy so she wouldn't go crazy and take us with her,” he said.

Coursing sounded like the perfect fit for Shiloh. He took Shiloh to a match hosted by the Carolina Lure Coursing Society (CLCS) and knew he had guessed correctly.

 “People have asked me how I trained her for coursing. Truth be told, I didn't train her at all and once we arrived at the match, I could barely hold her back,” he said. “Now we go to any coursing test anywhere close to us. When they yell, ‘Hold your hounds!’ Shiloh starts barking. She knows when she hears that warning, the fun is getting ready to start.”

Shiloh has finished her AKC Coursing Ability Advanced title for 10 passes. In addition, Joe is always looking for ways to keep Shiloh mentally and physically active. She also has her AKC Rally Novice title and loves the sport of Barn Hunt, holding the Barn Hunt Novice title. The AKC recognizes the titles of the Barn Hunt Association.

Shiloh plays in AKC sports through the AKC Canine Partners program for all dogs, including mixed-breeds and rescues. For information, look here.