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Whats New from GR September 2020

Whats New from GR September 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a year different from any other we have faced. Because of COVID-19, our elected officials will not only be dealing with the usual matters they normally face, but with a slew of other issues – including health and safety, budget concerns, and other matters related to the pandemic.

With so much change on the horizon, it is more important that you take the time to ensure your voter registration is up to date, you are informed about your respective candidates, and you get involved. The American Kennel Club Government Relations department has put together a 2020 election guide to help you navigate the next few weeks leading up to the election – including many tips and suggestions to make sure you and your clubs are being a strong voice for dog owners.

Ensuring that you are an educated voter and getting out to vote this election day is more important than ever. Even through this pandemic, animal rights groups have continued to fight against breeding, purebred dogs, and dog sports.  Making sure you – and your candidates – understand the difference between animal welfare and animal rights is important, and we encourage you to review a newly updated issue analysis  that explains the difference between animal rights and animal welfare so you can educate your lawmakers and fellow dog owners.

AKC recognizes the many frustrations and challenges facing those clubs seeking to still host their events during this time.  While there are no guarantees (and each locality is different), the GR department has put together information to guide you in working with public officials when planning your event in the time of COVID-19.  Working now with public officials will not only help with your immediate goal of hosting shows and events, but also helps establish a working relationship with these lawmakers who may be making decisions that impact your ability to show, breed, and own dogs in the future.

As always, we encourage you to review the federal, state, and local updates in this newsletter to learn the latest information on pending proposals impacting dog owners.  Together, we can continue to work towards protecting our ability to love our dogs and our dog sports. Please do not hesitate to contact the department if you have any questions.