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March has come in like a lion with several dangerous bills and legislative actions pushed by Animal Rights (AR) groups. We begin with a spotlight on a concerning trend: the subtle weaponization of agency oversight of dog breeders by anti-breeder groups. Through strategic legislative efforts, these groups aim to exert significant influence over breeding programs and sports, underscoring the importance of vigilance and engagement in legislative processes.

One of the best ways to combat the anti-breeder, animal rights agenda is to come together to show decision-makers our expertise and commitment to the dogs we love so much. To help simplify this action, AKC GR has created a new sample policy letter for parent and breed clubs. Designed to empower grassroots advocacy, this tool equips clubs with the means to effectively voice their concerns on legislative issues impacting their communities, amplifying the collective voice of dog lovers nationwide.

We’re also highlighting an article featured in the January edition of Show Sight magazine which provides guidance to clubs on making an impact in your local community, including establishing your expertise with county and city government officials.

Earlier this month, AKC Vice President, Government Relations, Sheila Goffe, hosted a briefing with Congressional staff to illuminate the nuanced differences between AR and AW in philosophy and approach, informing discussions vital to shaping impactful public policy. With a focus on education and collaboration, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of these complex issues and drive positive change for dogs everywhere. Join us as we navigate through these crucial topics, united in our commitment to championing the welfare and rights of our beloved four-legged companions.

Also in the issue, we recap the very interesting Detection Dog Task Force webinar on the importance of canine nutrition in Working Dogs.

Plus, congratulations to Laurie Maulucci and members of the Connecticut Federation of Dog Clubs for winning the AKC’s Bebout Award for leadership in canine policy. We greatly appreciate their continued efforts on behalf of purebred dogs and dog owners in Connecticut.

We also hope you will take a look at the many legislative updates from around the country to see how you can be a voice for dogs.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at