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Issues at the City, County, and Metropolitan Levels, and in US Territories

TN, Nashville/Davidson County – A proposed revised comprehensive animal ordinance has been withdrawn. A new ordinance, BL2023-1688, was filed on 1/30/23 and could be on the Metro Council agenda on 4/18/23. The new ordinance also contains problematic definitions and overreaching provisions similar to the previous version. Read more about AKC’s concerns with the withdrawn ordinance.

VA, Rockingham County – At the county Board of Supervisors’ February 22, 2023, meeting, the Board voted to approve an ordinance to amend “Supplement standards for certain land uses” by establishing the regulation of dog kennels.  As approved, a Commercial Breeding Kennel is limited to three (3) litters per calendar year and further stated that no female dog shall be bred more than one (1) time per calendar year. Initially, the Board was considering using four (4) intact females as the criteria to define a commercial breeding kennel. The ordinance exempts from regulation those who have no more than two (2) litters per calendar year. AKC GR provided much input during the development of the ordinance, and although we are displeased with the arbitrary litter limit that was set, AKC GR does appreciate that language related to temperature, exercise, and socialization requirements as well as the lot size requirement contained in the original proposal were removed from the approved ordinance.  The ordinance can be viewed starting on page 7 of the agenda packet for the Board’s March 8, 2023, meeting.