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Issues at the City, County, and Metropolitan Levels, and in US Territories

GA, DeKalb County – An ordinance proposed in DeKalb County seeks to require owners of female intact companion animals to obtain a litter permit prior to the birth of a litter or within one week after the litter’s birth. The female intact animals must also be microchipped or have other permanent identification before a permit would be issued. The proposal seeks to limit to the number of litter permits issued per household during any consecutive 12-month period (number of litters not yet determined in the ordinance as it appears in the commission agenda) and would prohibit breeding to one litter per female animal in any consecutive 12-month period. The proposal would also provide for conditions for sale of offspring, one-week-post-sale consumer protection provisions, and litter permit advertising requirements. Puppies and kittens would not be permitted to be sold to a pet store, animal broker, or other animal dealer.

KY, Lexington/Fayette Urban County – The urban council passed on first reading an ordinance to restrict pet stores to offering only dogs and cats procured from unregulated pet rescue organizations. The ordinance is expected be considered again in June.

SC, Columbia and surrounding counties – News stories report discussion of mandatory spay/neuter requirements for pets in the city of Columbia and in Lexington and Richmond Counties. AKC GR contacted local kennel club officers and recommended scheduling a stakeholders’ meeting by video conference.

TX, Houston – Houston Mayor John Whitmire recently discussed his belief that a mandatory spay/neuter law will address shelter population issues and stray animal issues. He implied there may be a future ordinance. AKC sent letters to the Houston City Council and Mayor opposing the development of an ordinance. No ordinance has been introduced thus far.

TX, San Antonio – A  San Antonio City Councilmember requested an ordinance intended to address at-large and dangerous dog issues in the city.  However, the request includes concerning provisions requesting the city adopt practices requiring the spaying/neutering of at-large animals even if the owner is identified. AKC is working with local clubs to ask that there be protections for responsible owners in any ordinance that is drafted, and encourage them to instead consider a comprehensive dangerous dog policy.  Read more.