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Taking Command Newsletter

Regulations Highlights June 2021

Here are some highlights of state-level regulatory issues AKC GR recently addressed.  Visit AKC’s Regulatory Resource Center for more information on these and other significant regulatory issues addressed by AKC Government Relations.

Federal – On June 14, the US. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a temporary suspension of the importation of dogs from countries classified as high risk for canine rabies. This suspension will also apply from dogs arriving from countries not considered a high risk if the dogs have been in a high-risk country during the previous six months. The new suspension applies to all dogs, including puppies, emotional support dogs, and dogs that traveled out of the United States and are returning from a high-risk country. The suspension commences July 14, following a 30-day comment period. Read more.

 North Carolina – On June 1, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality finalized updated regulations regarding Hunting on Wildlife Conservation Areas. Regulations include requirements for dogs used to hunt deer; rules for use of the Sandhills Field Trial Area, including extensive rules on the training of dogs on the grounds; and specific rules for designated game lands. The rule is available on pages 126-168 of this publication.