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Taking Command Newsletter

Federal Issues January 2019

The AKC Government Relations team continues to monitor Congress for issues of interest to dog owners. Visit our 2019 Legislation Tracking page and click on “US Fed” on the map to get the latest updates on federal bills currently being monitored by the AKC. Highlights of issues we are currently addressing on the federal level include:

U.S. Congress – UPDATE: H.R. 4577/ 302 , which passed in 2018, directs the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) to establish a working group to develop a domestic canine breeding network to produce high-quality explosives detection canines and to modernize behavioral, technical and medical standards for these canines. The measure required that representatives be drawn from a variety of stakeholder groups. AKC aided with drafting this measure and is working with members of Congress to advance it. The TSA has selected Dr. Carmen Battaglia to represent AKC on this working group. See link to blog for more information.