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Issues at the City, County, and Metropolitan Levels, and in US Territories

The AKC Government Relations Department is pleased to assist dog owners with canine legislation issues in their local communities, but we can’t help unless we are aware of the proposal. Please contact us at (919) 816-3720 or when new laws are discussed or introduced in your city or county. We will provide you with resources and tools to help defend the rights of dog owners and support responsible dog ownership in your community.

Here are some examples of the local issues currently being addressed by AKC GR:

AL, Red Bay – A proposed ordinance that seeks to restrict ownership of “pit bull” dogs and prohibit new pit bulls from coming into the city has been discussed. Per the city clerk, a dangerous dog ordinance could be discussed at an upcoming city council meeting. Read more.

 KS, Wichita – An ordinance that will prohibit pet stores in Wichita from selling dogs sourced from breeders is still pending before Wichita Police Department for approval. AKC opposed the ordinance in July while it was under the consideration of the Wichita Animal Services Advisory Board. AKC testified virtually at that meeting and spoke with multiple members of advisory board prior to the board approving the ordinance. AKC continues to closely monitor developments here and you can find more information here.

 LA, St. Landry Parish – a proposed ordinance that significantly amends animal control laws was announced by Parish President Jessie Ballard, and could be considered at an upcoming Parish Council meeting. Click here to view the proposed ordinance, which is listed under Public Notices for July 29, 2022. The ordinance remains subject to additional revisions, and according to news stories, parish government officials will tour rural parish communities beginning in August to explain the proposed animal control ordinance.

 ND, Minot – On Monday, September 19, the Minot City Council voted to repeal a 1980s breed-specific ownership ban. American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Bull Terriers, or any dog appearing similar to those breeds, were prohibited from being owned in Minot.  AKC expressed support for the repeal via direct communications with the City Council, and issued a grassroots call to action to support it.

TN, Manchester – On September 6, the Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen passed a series of animal ordinances that, among other provisions, seek to establish minimum outdoor enclosure sizes for dogs, establish requirements for tethering, and provide for seizure on a third violation.  The provisions are effective on the date of passage.

TX, Frisco– Frisco held a meeting last month to discuss a proposed pet store ordinance that would have required professional breeders to be members of an AKC parent club in order to source dogs to pet stores. Over the last few weeks, AKC has been in contact with the Frisco councilmember that is drafting the ordinance and providing recommendations so that Frisco pet stores can still source dogs from licensed professional breeders. Another meeting is expected in October to discuss an amended ordinance and AKC will continue to be involved in those developments.

VA, Rockingham County – At a recent County Planning Commission meeting, the Commission tabled a proposed Dog Kennel Ordinance (view the entire proposal by viewing the previous Planning Commission agenda, beginning on page 16).  Under the draft proposal, commercial breeding kennels can have no more than four adult breeding females on premises during any rolling 12-month period and limits such activity to parcels containing 5 or more acres.  The proposal also contains numerous arbitrary requirements for such operations.  AKC GR has had conversations with County Board of Supervisor William Kyger to discuss the proposal and was successful in having him encourage his fellow Supervisors to delay action on the proposal.  As a result of input from local dog clubs, breeders, and the American Kennel Club ahead of a work session on September 13 on the ordinance, it appears that the number of adult females needed to be considered a commercial breeding kennel will be increased to a yet to be determined number and a new draft proposal will be scheduled for a public hearing in the near future.  AKC GR will continue to monitor, provide input, and encourage the Board of Supervisors to ensure that the final ordinance Rockingham County develops is in the best interest of dogs, enforceable, and absent of any unintended circumstances that negatively impact responsible dog breeders.