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Issues at the City, County, and Metropolitan Levels, and in US Territories

Alabama, Gadsden – Despite strong objections by residents and the current lack of subsidized spay/neuter services, a mandatory spay/neuter law enacted by the Gadsden City Council in July 2023 remains on the books. An additional proposal was tabled September 19, 2023, City Council meeting. AKC GR will continue to monitor this situation.

 California, Los Angeles – The Los Angeles City Council is considering a proposal to suspend the issuance of new breeding permits for the stated reason of shelter overcrowding. This would impact all who breed in the city, as well as all owners of intact dogs even if they are not currently breeding. AKC is in communication with officials from Los Angeles and is working with numerous local club members to address concerns. Read more.

California, Kern County – The Kern County Board of Supervisors is considering a proposal from the Kern County Animal Services Commission that would institute an increased licensing regime in Kern County with severe penalties for a first violation. Current law already requires an unaltered dog permit. Under the proposal, failure to license an unaltered dog could lead to mandatory spay/neuter on one violation of related animal control laws. AKC continues to be in communication with officials from Kern County and is working with numerous local club members to address concerns.  Read more.

Georgia, Floyd Co. – A mandatory spay/neuter ordinance that requires all dogs in the county to be altered by age six months with few exemptions was enacted by the Floyd County Board of Commissioners on October 10. Show, performance, and hunting/sporting dogs are specifically not exempted. View AKC’s more recent alert on this issue. AKC GR understands that the County Manager stated it will be a “secondary ordinance” and will be enforced only if another issue is identified. The original language of the proposal does not reference secondary enforcement; therefore, AKC GR will continue to work with stakeholders regarding future changes to the ordinance.

Georgia, Forsyth Co. – Members of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners continue to consider significant changes to the county animal ordinance, including licensing and registration requirements both for breeders and for individuals who sell/transfer just two dogs or cats; tethering restrictions; and nuisance provisions. View AKC’s most recent alert. The issue did not receive a vote on September 21. The Georgia Canine Coalition and other stakeholders are working to ensure that dog breeder provisions are reasonable, enforceable, and consistent with state requirements.

Indiana, Tippecanoe County – Tippecanoe County, as well as the cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette in the county, are all considering retail sales bans.  AKC and the state federation are expressing concerns that the definition of “pet store” could include anyone who sells a dog, beyond brick and mortar pet stores.  Hearings have been delayed until November and AKC and the federation are working to express concerns to the county and city officials and provide alternative solutions.

New Mexico, Las Cruces – Las Cruces animal advocates recently proposed a mandatory spay and neuter (MSN) ordinance to a City Council workgroup. AKC submitted a letter to Las Cruces earlier this year detailing concerns about drafting an MSN ordinance. AKC continues to monitor developments and will submit opposition and provide updates as necessary.