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It is truly the dog days of summer, which for Government Relations means taking a moment to consider all the work that has been done in conjunction with breeders, federations, and clubs across the country on behalf of our wonderful dogs and our sport. Currently, the majority of state legislatures are adjourned for the year or in summer recess.  The first six months of the year were incredibly busy, with AKC GR tracking over 2,000 bills across the United States.  We have taken a moment this month to reflect back on the last six months, and also celebrate the many successes for dogs across the United States.

You may have noticed our Legislative Action Center (LAC) has gotten a face lift to make it easier for you to find the resources you need to communicate on legislative issues. Many of the same elements of the LAC are still there, along with some new features. Our new one page handout is available online for your clubs and fellow dog owners and breeders and provides a brief introduction to the new Legislative Action Center. It highlights some of the many resources you can find on the site, ranging from brand-new economic and community benefit data to resources on key issues GR monitors, to legislative tracking by state. Take a moment to check out the handout and share it with your friends and colleagues. Be sure to visit often for new materials and tools to help you join us in advocating on behalf of our dogs.

Also in the past month, the AKC Government Relations (GR) team was in Dallas for AKC’s popular Meet the Breeds event. Twenty-two Texas lawmakers signed on as Honorary Chairs for this event, and some came with family and friends to meet the dogs, interact with constituents, and publicly display their support for responsible pet ownership. Prior to the event, many provided photos of their own dogs, which AKC shared on social media to publicly thank them for their support.

Lawmakers who attended also received information about responsible canine legislation, AKC dog shows and dog breeders, and the positive impact that AKC kennel clubs and dog enthusiasts make to their communities. The lawmakers enjoyed the opportunity to interact directly with dog breeders and owners in a fun, family-friendly environment, and the crowds of dog lovers attending the event demonstrated to them that there is high interest in purebred dogs and AKC activities.

If you have questions or hear of an issue in your community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at  Thank you for your continued partnership.