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MACH Delilah Dog MXB MJB T2B CA owned by Jennifer Rourk of Dallas, OR

Ten-year-old Delilah is a Chihuahua mix that Jennifer says embodies the phrase “Size is no indicator of talent. She pours her whole self into everything that she does, and agility is no exception.”

At trials in the Pacific Northwest, Delilah and Jennifer are recognized for their positive relationship, and Delilah’s considerable speed. Even at 10 years old, Delilah is still fast and fun as ever and is looking forward to continuing to compete for the foreseeable future.

Delilah has earned the top title in AKC Agility – the Master Agility Championship – and also enjoys coursing, holding the AKC Coursing Ability title.

Delilah is a member of the AKC Canine Partners community for all dogs, including mixed-breeds and rescues:


An AKC Canine Partners enrollment is your dog’s ticket to a world of fun AKC activities, like Agility and Coursing.