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Public Education

Public Education

Girl Scouts with K9 and Officer

AKC Public Education teaches and promotes responsible dog ownership and fosters participation in the world of purebred dogs. Outreach programs and publications explain how to ever-strengthen the invaluable human-canine bond.

You can stay up to date on what is happening in AKC Public Education by visiting our blog.

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Community Resources

The AKC Canine Club

The AKC Canine Club is an after school program designed for students in grades K-8. The AKC Canine Club can be hosted by a teacher or group leader in any school or youth organization.

Educator Resources

Find dog-themed lesson plans in Math, Science, Art, Social Studies/History and English/Language Arts for children of all ages.

Finding a Canine Ambassador

Canine Ambassadors are very knowledgeable experts that are available to speak to your youth group or community organization.

Resource Center

The Public Education department offers brochures, books, and fliers that contain popular AKC responsible dog ownership messages or games and activities for children, as well as a wealth of information for current and prospective dog owners.

Club Resources

AKC Education Summit

The AKC recognizes and appreciates the enormous contributions that Parent and All-Breed Clubs give to the sport. The AKC Education Summit provides an opportunity to continue our partnership exploring additional opportunities for collaboration as we continue to work toward our common goals.

AKC Education Webinar Series

The AKC Education Webinar Series provides an opportunity for Clubs to learn more about the resources AKC has to offer.

The last Wednesday of every month will bring a new topic covering misconduct, making your show an event, social media and marketing, tax laws and much more. There is no limit to the number of club members that may attend. During the webinars, you will be able to ask questions and participate in open discussion.

AKC Patch Program

The AKC Patch Program is a wonderful blend of fun and facts, which allows children to learn about AKC purebred dogs and dog shows.

Canine Ambassador Program for Clubs

Visit this section if you are interested in becoming a Canine Ambassador.

Host an Art Contest at a Club Event

Hosting an art contest is a great way to enrich your event. It gives the Club an opportunity to interact with the community in a new way and it also allows the Club to bring more people to their event. We have included all of the resources you will need to plan your Club’s art contest. We are always available to help in any way we can.

Public Education Award

The Public Education Department seeks to acknowledge the efforts of those working to engage, facilitate, and convey the ongoing importance of the relationships between people and canines through education and outreach. Through this acknowledgement, the AKC Public Education Department hopes to ensure Club’s continued efforts in the area of Public Education, and to encourage others to join in the efforts.

Resources for Clubs

Find brochures, books, videos and fliers for your dog events.


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