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Preview of 4-H Dog Project Presentations for 4-H Leaders

About the 4-H Dog Project

The 4-H Dog project is a wonderful way for youth to explore working with dogs. They can learn about raising and training dogs, starting in sports and events, health issues, basic first aid, and careers with dogs. The resources available through AKC can compliment the 4-H Dog Project activities.

About the the 4-H Dog Project Presentations

The 4-H Dog Project presentations available through AKC Public Education are a versatile tool, serving as a visual guide to accompany the Florida 4-H Dog Project Manual. These lessons and activities are designed to be easily adaptable by 4-H leaders, ensuring they can be tailored to best suit the age and level of the 4-H participants. Each module contains exit ticket(s) and an end-of-unit assessment.

About the Florida 4-H Dog Project Manual

The Florida 4-H Dog Project Manual is an extensive guide that provides 4-H leaders and participants with a “comprehensive, solid foundation when it comes to raising, caring for, training and participating in dog events and activities” (Florida 4-H Dog Manual pg.5). Although some specific regulations may change from state to state, the overall information about dogs, dog sports, and canine health is consistent.

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