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Happy baby and a puppy

Dogs are wonderful. They are family members and best friends, providing companionship and unconditional love.

But dogs and people do not always speak the same language. It is important to educate yourself and your family about safety around dogs so you can recognize when a dog feels uncomfortable and does not want to the approached.

Understanding dog body language, polite behavior around dogs, and what to do when a strange dog approaches could be the difference between a good interaction and a bite.

Below you will find valuable resources to help you ensure that all interactions with dogs are positive.

Canine Ambassador

A Canine Ambassador is an approved individual who can visit organizations and community events to teach the public about purebred dogs, dog sports, safety around dogs, and responsible dog ownership. These presentations are free of charge and they usually bring an approved certified Canine Good Citizen dog with them. Use the Canine Ambassador Directory linked below to find a Canine Ambassador near you.

Canine Ambassador Directory

Resources for Children

The Dog Listener

The Dog Listener: Student Workbook

The Dog Listener is an award-winning video that teaches children how to take cue’s from a dog’s behavior and determine how to safely interact with them.

How to Approach a Dog

Tail Wagging Isn’t Always Friendly

Resources for Parents, Teachers and/or Adults


How to Greet a Dog You Don’t Know (English)

Cómo Acercarse a un Perro

Is Growling Bad?

Introducing Your Dog to a New Baby

Preparing Your Dog for Baby’s Arrival

Dog Bite Prevention