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Canine Ambassador Program

Canine Ambassador Program

AKC Canine Ambassador Program is a network of volunteers made up of local AKC-affiliated club members and experienced dog handlers who make presentations to children and the community. Approved Canine Ambassadors educate the public about topics such as purebred dogs, safety around dogs, AKC dog sports and events, and responsible dog ownership. Canine Ambassadors may visit schools, youth groups, libraries, and other locations to teach people of all ages about the topics listed above and more. Canine Ambassadors do not represent the AKC and instead represent their club, organization, and/or self.

We will add your name to a state-by-state directory of Ambassadors and send you resources to get started. The AKC Canine Ambassador directory can help you establish contact with people interested in the program.

If you are interested in becoming a Canine Ambassador, check the “Becoming a Canine Ambassador” page on the left.


Questions? Email the AKC’s Public Education Department at