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Famous Guilty Dog Grimaces at Grooming
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Denver, Famous “Guilty Dog,” Does Not Want to Take Her Medicine
Denver, who has become famous worldwide as “the guilty dog,” because of her odd expressions, is back, making people laugh with her reaction to the prospect of having medicine dripped into her ears. Videos of the yellow Labrador Retriever’s  face have gone beyond viral to positively epidemic. The first video, posted in March 2011, was […] | July 20, 2015
Expert Advice: News Lady, Unwanted Dog Adopted By Heiress, Takes Final Journey
We all remember Lady, the grey-muzzled black Labrador Retriever whose plight earned headlines all over the globe. The story started 2012, when Lady, then known as Ma Kettle, lost her home when her owner died. A family in Sedan, Kansas, adopted the dog but the arrangement lasted only until the family adopted another dog. The new […] | July 17, 2015
Toller with Watermelon
Expert Advice: Natural Foods Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?
Everybody loves watermelon, even dogs. But is it safe for them to eat? The answer is yes, with a couple of precautions. Seeds could cause an intestinal blockage, so make sure you remove them. It’s also probably not a good idea to allow a dog to chew on the rind, because it can cause gastrointestinal upset.  […] | July 15, 2015
Expert Advice: News Unbelievable! You Can’t Imagine What Was Inside These Dogs
Tiki, a black Labrador Retriever, has taken her stand in the never-ending controversy over what kind of food will dogs find most appetizing. Raw meat? Bones? Home-cooked meals or kibble? It’s none of the above, according to Tiki, as veterinarians from Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital, in Mars, Pennsylvania, discovered during a two-hour operation. Her vomiting, […] | July 14, 2015
Expert Advice: News Blind, Neglected Dog Gets Shave and a New Start
One person described him as the “ most disheartening neglect case” she had ever seen. When Harry, a Chow Chow, was brought into a Kansas City, Missouri, animal rescue he was covered with matted hair and flies had left his ears raw. Even worse, he is nearly blind and missing a part of his nose. “The […] | July 13, 2015
Expert Advice: News Watch the Funny Way This Canine Comedian Beats the Heat
Few things can beat a slice of fresh watermelon on a summer day. That goes for dogs, too, as you can tell from the way cute Cricket goes at it in this video, shot by her owner, photographer Erica Kasper. This is not a sight you’ll see often, and that’s not just due to Cricket’s […] | July 10, 2015
Expert Advice: Flea & Tick Survival Tips for Tough Tick Season
Scientists predict a boom in this repulsive parasite in 2015, but simple measures can reduce your dog’s disease risk. Even as temperatures soar toward triple digits, we are still suffering from one surprising effect of last winter’s brutal snowfalls—more ticks. Deep snow banks provided protection for these repulsive parasites, say scientists from the University of […] | July 8, 2015
Expert Advice: Basic Training How to Clicker Train Your Dinosaur
Can a plastic hand-held toy tame prehistoric man-eating monsters? Sure, it has stunning special effects that make it seem as if those dinosaurs are going to leap into your lap. It has a hunky heartthrob, Chris Pratt, playing the central role of dino wrangler Owen. On its first weekend, it grossed an eye popping $200+ […] | July 6, 2015
Chinese Shar-Pei puppy pooping
Expert Advice: Common Conditions A Survival Guide for Dog Diarrhea
It’s not a topic anyone likes to discuss, but if you own a dog, chances are you have found yourself cleaning up a stinking brown puddle (or, politely put, doggie runs) more than you’d care to think about. Diarrhea is a common canine affliction and it varies in frequency, duration, and intensity from dog to […] | June 29, 2015
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny Five Breeds Most Likely to be Mistaken for Bigfoot
All anyone has ever seen is a glimpse of these creatures, and there have been many different accounts, but there are two constants in all Bigfoot sightings. They are "as big as a man, and covered with hair from head to foot," one newspaper reported in 1884. Hmmmm. That could easily describe any number of […] | June 19, 2015

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