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In late July, a family in Duluth, Minnesota, got the devastating news that their 11-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Oscar, had an untreatable cancer. He was given three to six months to live.

Oscar’s owner, Tom Asbury, decided to help the dog and his family make the most of it. They created a bucket list of doggie dreams—ice cream, a kayak ride, swimming in Lake Superior, and lots of playing in the backyard with Asbury, his wife Lindsey, and their two young daughters.

Over the weekend the Asbury family crossed off the final fun item for their beloved dog—meet another Corgi.

Asbury told Good Morning America that Oscar had not seen another member of his own breed since he came home with the family, a very young puppy, more than a decade ago. Asbury put out a call for an Oscar play date on Facebook. Before he knew it, there was a “Corgi Fest” brewing and there were ultimately at least 20 of the spunky, stumpy-legged little herding dogs gleefully dashing about. Although it was a sad day, the last item on the list, but, as always, when Corgis gather, there were lots of laughs. “What better way to go, right? Have a party,” Lindsey Asbury told WDIO-TV.