New York: Ask Committee to Support Ban on Insurance Breed Discrimination on Monday (7/20)
The New York Senate Insurance Committee is considering a bill on Monday (July 20) that would prohibit homeowner’s insurance providers from refusing or cancelling coverage or increasing premiums based solely on the breed of dog owned by the policy holder. All responsible dog owners and breeders in New York are encouraged to contact the committee […] | July 17, 2020
Holliston, MA: Town to Vote on Restricting Breeders, Licensed Pet Sales. ACT NOW!
On Monday, July 20 at 7:30pm, residents in Holliston, Massachusetts will be asked at its annual town meeting to vote on warrant  Article 22 .  Although the proposal’s title is “Protecting Consumers and Animals in Holliston,” it instead would ban the sale of purpose-bred pets from state-inspected and -licensed facilities, like pet shops, in favor […] | July 15, 2020
Column: Don’t rubber-stamp misguided pet policy
*Originally published July 13, 2020 in the Milford Daily News This legislative session, some lawmakers in Boston, expressing concerns about conditions where professionally raised pets are bred and raised, filed a bill that nonsensically would ban pet shops from selling purpose-bred pets from regulated U.S. breeders and instead require them to sell only randomly sourced […] | July 15, 2020
Wisconsin Regulations Info: Ag. Department Seeking Fee Increases for Licensed Dog Sellers
In a procedural move, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (Department) is proposing a rule that would allow it to evaluate whether to increase fee amounts, including license and reinspection fees, for dog sellers and dog facility operators. Currently, animal shelters and animal control facilities pay an annual $125 license fee to […] | July 15, 2020
Mississippi: Governor Signs Act Providing Certain COVID-19 Liability Protections
Mississippi Senate Bill 3049 provides certain protections from civil damages for injury or death related to COVID-19 to individuals, associations, for-profit or nonprofit entities, and other organizations. The Act was signed by Governor Tate Reeves on July 8 and is effective retroactive to March 14, 2020. This legislation may be of interest to AKC-affiliated clubs […] | July 9, 2020
Chicago City Council to Consider Restricting Hobby Breeding on July 22- Call Today!
This week, a Chicago City Council committee gave initial approval to a proposal that would ban hobby breeding in the city without extensive permits and requirements. Those who reside, have registered a litter, or participate in breed rescue activities in Chicago are encouraged to reach out to the City TODAY, express your concerns, and ask […] | July 9, 2020
Louisiana: Laws that Establish COVID Liability Protections Retroactive to March 11, 2020
Two Louisiana bills, enacted as Acts 336 and 362, grant certain liability protections for persons, businesses, and other entities from claims related to COVID-19 exposure. These protections are retroactive to March 11, 2020. This legislation may be of interest to AKC-affiliated clubs with concerns about conducting their events while under a higher-than-normal exposure to liability […] | July 8, 2020
North Carolina: Governor Signs Bill Providing Certain COVID Liability Protections
Today, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed into law House Bill 118, which provides certain liability protections when there has been exposure to the COVID-19 virus. This new law may be of potential interest to some AKC-affiliated clubs with deep concerns about conducting their events while under a higher-than-normal exposure to liability risks. Among other […] | July 2, 2020
Chicago City Council to Consider Bill Undermining Hobby Breeders and Consumer Protection on Monday (7/6)
The Chicago City Council Health and Human Relations Committee is expected to consider a bill on Monday that seeks to stop fraudulent rescues from sourcing to pet stores. In addition to addressing this issue, it also would make numerous changes to city pet animal ordinances, including requiring licensing of hobby breeders as animal care facilities, […] | July 2, 2020
Ask Michigan Senate to Support New Rescue Regulations
The Michigan Senate Agriculture Committee has approved a positive bill that seeks to regulate rescues and foster homes in the state. Senate Bill 419, which includes several amendments requested by the AKC and the Michigan Association for Pure-Bred Dogs, seeks to regulate “animal rescues”, defined as a person that acquires an animal for the purpose […] | June 29, 2020

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