Illinois: Ask Committee to Oppose Animal Rights Bill Providing Lawyers for Dogs on March 9
On Tuesday, March 9, the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee will consider a bill that provides court-appointed advocates to represent the “interests of justice” in a case involving health, safety or injury to a dog or cat. Senate Bill 153 is similar to bills being introduced in other states in an effort to alter the legal […] | March 5, 2021
Wyoming: Thank Senator Nethercott for Amending Bill to Ensure Protection of Property Rights
The Wyoming Senate continues to consider how to address the issue of animals being seized, and the payment of their care during impoundment. Both Senate Bills 24 and 25 would require those whose animals are seized on suspicion of cruelty to pay a bond to cover the costs of care while the animals are impounded. […] | March 5, 2021
TX Info: Bill to Rewrite Tethering Law Scheduled for Consideration
Texas House Bill 873, which seeks to rewrite the state’s dog tethering laws, is scheduled for consideration by the House Criminal Justice Committee on Monday, March 8, 2021.  Interested dog owners are encouraged to share their views with the committee before this meeting. HB 873 would replace Texas’ current dog tethering statutes with updated provisions.  […] | March 4, 2021
Maryland: Act Now to Oppose HB 1080 Impacting Your Dog Ownership Rights!
On Thursday, March 4 at 1:30pm, The Maryland House Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on House Bill 1080 that addresses the issue of animals that are seized and the costs of their care during impoundment. AKC strongly believes that those who treat animals in a cruel manner should be held accountable and punished […] | March 3, 2021
Florida Committee to Vote TOMORROW (3/3/21) on Bill to Strictly Limit Tethering, Authorize Confiscation of Tethered Dogs
Senate Bill 650 seeks to ban unattended tethering of dogs and cats, with limited exemptions that would apply only during certain weather conditions. SB 650 would also authorize confiscation of an improperly tethered dog. The bill is on the agenda of the Senate Committee on Agriculture tomorrow, March 3, 2021, at 12:00 p.m. As introduced, […] | March 2, 2021
CT: Hearings March 3rd for Animal Welfare, March 5th for Towns Banning Retail Pet Sales
This week, two Connecticut legislative committees have scheduled public hearings as follows: March 3, 2021, at 10am - HB 6504 Regarding Animal Welfare.  This bill is supported by the American Kennel Club (AKC) because it would: require a veterinary examination of animals brought into the state by animal shelters and update violation amounts; update state […] | March 2, 2021
Pennsylvania Clarification: HB 594 – Dog Shows and Shut-Down Orders
Last week, House Bill 594 was introduced in Pennsylvania relative to COVID-19 limitations and restrictions as they may apply to a number of recreational activities, including dog shows and events.  AKC wishes to clarify its position on this legislation. Early on during the COVID-19 Pandemic, AKC worked to developed guidelines to assist those clubs who […] | March 2, 2021
Rhode Island Alert: “Lawyers for Dogs” Bill with Hearings on March 2, 2021
AKC Government Relations (AKC GR) encourages Rhode Island residents to take action as soon as possible on H. 5577, which seeks to create court-appointed legal advocates for animals.  The bill will be considered by the House Judiciary Committee at a public hearing on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, starting at 7pm. AKC opposes H. 5577 because […] | March 1, 2021
Utah: URGENT- Retail Pet Sales Ban Being Considered Tomorrow Could Impact Hobbyists- Call Today!
On Tuesday, March 2, the Utah House Labor and Commerce Committee will be considering House Bill 420, which seeks to ban retail pet stores from selling any dog unless sourced from a shelter or rescue. AKC strongly urges all who reside in Utah to call the committee TODAY and ask them to oppose House Bill […] | March 1, 2021
Memphis, TN—Ask City Council to Vote No on Ordinance that Would Restrict Pet Choice
On Tuesday, March 2, the Memphis City Council will hold a third and final vote on an ordinance that makes false claims about breeders and would restrict consumer choice when acquiring a pet. Memphis residents are urged to contact city council members and urge a no vote on the pet store ordinance.  Scroll down for […] | February 26, 2021

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