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Multiple-Sire Litter Registration

Multiple-Sire Litter Registration

The American Kennel Club allows for the registration of litters with more than one sire. This is effective for litters whelped September 1, 1998 and forward. Parentage must be determined using the AKC’s DNA Profile Program prior to registration, and special fees apply.

The Multiple-Sire Litter (MSL) requires that all potential sires have a DNA profile on file; this includes frozen semen collected prior to October, 1998. If you attempt an MSL and are using frozen semen from any time, contact AKC DNA operation for instructions on obtaining the required DNA profile.

The proper procedure for pursuing the registration of a multiple-sire litter or for any litter with questionable parentage is as follows:

  1. Obtain AKC DNA test kits for all potential sires, dam and all puppies. All DNA testing must be performed through AKC’s DNA Program.
  2. Collect and submit the DNA samples for the sires, dam and all puppies (In order for the puppies DNA to be associated to their eventual registration number they are required to have positive identification, microchip or tattoo, associated with them on the DNA sample submission form). Samples are collected using a painless, non-invasive cheek swab and can be returned via US Mail, Fed Ex, or other express mail. (We recommend submitting the sires and dams DNA samples as soon as you are aware of the possible multiple-sire mating to reduce the chance of delay in the registration of the litter based on potential insufficient sample results.)
  3. If the two (or more) possible sires are related (or just have similar genotypes), additional markers may be required to determine correct parentage of one or more pups. In this case, more testing would be required for the sires, dam and the necessary pups. The cost for additional testing varies (contact DNA Operations, (919) 816-3508, for more information). AKC has been able to determine the correct sire in every such case to date. (Additional markers can add 2 to 3 weeks processing time as the need is not determined until the original results are analyzed, if a customer is concerned about this possibility they can request additional markers at the onset of the testing, there is an additional fee and the additional testing at this stage is limited as there has not been an opportunity to review the analysis)
  4. After the DNA testing is complete, DNA letters of Analysis for each dog tested will be sent to the owner, and there are two options to choose from concerning the parentage evaluation. First, the breeder may utilize the DNA profiles and the accompanying explanatory worksheet to perform the parentage evaluation him/herself. The second option is to complete and submit an AKC Parentage Evaluation Request Form. With the proper signatures, the AKC will evaluate the parentage and report the results in writing, cost is $50.00. The AKC Parentage Evaluation Form must be mailed to the Raleigh NC office (please do not mail this form to the lab).
  5. When the correct parentage is determined, submit the appropriate litter registration application. If all puppies are sired by one dog, then a regular AKC Litter Registration Application is used (cost is $25 plus $2 per puppy). If the litter has two or more sires, then the Multiple-Sire Litter Registration Application is used. Only the normal registration fees for each sire/pup combination are required. For example: a litter with 2 puppies from one sire and 3 puppies from a second sire would therefore cost $29 for litter one and $31 for litter two = $60 total. These fees are in addition to the DNA processing costs.
  6. If the second sire is not the same breed as the bitch (part purebred, part mixed-breed litter), then the purebred pups, and their sire and dam, need be tested. Depending on the breed of the other stud dog, a DNA sample may be required from him, as well. After the DNA results confirm the parentage, a regular AKC Litter Registration Application is used.

The AKC is pleased to present this option to breeders to allow for the registration of these litters where correct parentage can be determined. Please do not hesitate to contact AKC DNA Operations for assistance.