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AKC DNA Resource Center

Facts and Figures

  • Through December 31, 2016, the AKC collected over 709,000 DNA profiles in its database.
  • The AKC DNA database has samples from 243 AKC and FSS breeds.
  • The top ten breeds that are AKC DNA Profiled are:

Labrador Retriever (54,006)
Yorkshire Terrier (45,080)
German Shepherd Dog (37,606)
Dachshund (35,831)
Poodle (33,069)
Chihuahua (27,373)
Golden Retriever (27,292)
Shih Tzu (26,803)
Pomeranian (25,043)
Beagle (19,680)

 DNA genotyping can be used to establish the identity of a dog and to verify parentage. As each generation is DNA Profiled by the AKC, pedigrees will carry that extra measure of confidence.

Compliance Audit Program (Kennel Inspections)

  • DNA has been collected at over 14,000 kennels.
  • Over 23,000 litters have been DNA tested.
  • Over 119,000 DNA samples have been tested to verify parentage.

In 1998, when the program was introduced, 89% of the litters tested had correct parentage, within 5 years the level of correct parentage had improved to 95% where it has been relatively constant ever since.

DNA Profile Program

  • Over 590,000 samples have been submitted to date.
  • Samples are submitted on a voluntary basis and/or to satisfy AKC DNA requirements.

Frequently Used Sires (FUS) Requirement

  • The FUS Requirement was implemented to obtain DNA profiles from the dogs with the greatest impact on the AKC stud book.
  • Almost 90,000 samples were submitted during the first year of the requirement.
  • 45% of the litters registered during this period were sired by FUS.

Multiple-Sired Litters Requirement

  • 62 multiple-sired litters were registered in 2016.
  • There have been only 5 cases (in more than 10 years) in which the markers used by the AKC could not identify the sire of one pup in a litter involving highly line bred or related sires. We maintain relationships with DNA laboratories throughout the U.S. to resolve cases such as these.