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Frozen & Fresh Extended Semen Requirements

Frozen & Fresh Extended Semen Requirements

Stud dogs with frozen and/or fresh extended semen used for artificial insemination must have an AKC DNA Profile.

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The AKC Board of Directors has modified the policy dealing with the use of frozen and fresh-extended semen as follows:

  • After October 1, 1998, AKC DNA Profiling is required for all stud dogs whose semen is collected for fresh extended or frozen use, including foreign stud dogs collected for imported semen use in the United States.
  • The intent of this requirement is to include all semen collected for storage and/or shipment for the purpose of artificial insemination, but not to include artificial insemination where the dog and bitch are both present.
  • Frozen semen collected and stored prior to October 1, 1998 in accordance with AKC’s regulations and procedures is exempted from this requirement, with the exception of a Multiple Sired Litter.
  • Cheek swab samples must be obtained by the collector and submitted with the notification of collection to AKC (if the DNA sample is not already on file with AKC).
  • DNA processing expenses are paid by the owner at a set fee (currently $50). DNA test kits are nonrefundable. An AKC DNA Genotype with the DNA Profile and Number is issued to the owner.

Additional information is available by contacting AKC DNA Operations.