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Genetic Diversity Project

The AKC DNA Program is collecting DNA from 4000 dogs for whole genome sequencing.

Request Research DNA Kits to participate

The canine genome was built on one dog, a boxer. As technology improves and becomes more affordable, more and more canine genomes can be generated to add to our knowledge. The AKC DNA Program’s Genetic Diversity Project is an exciting new initiative to develop the world’s premier database of canine genomic information. This database will generate whole genome sequences of 4000 dogs, representing all AKC-recognized breeds. Using AKC’s rich historical pedigrees, these dogs will represent the genetic diversity of breeds today.

The AKC Genetic Diversity Project Goals:

  • Expedite canine research projects
  • Improve genetic counseling
  • Evaluate genetic diversity for breed preservation
  • Improve breed health research

The AKC DNA Program is inviting you to participate in this project. Participation involves requesting a Research DNA Kit. The submission process is similar to the AKC DNA Kits, but we request 6 swabs instead of two for each dog. We will send you research kits and submission form to mail back to AKC DNA Operations.

If you or your club would like to participate, please complete the survey and we will be in touch.

We will also include Foundation Stock Service® and other rare breeds.

These kits are for research purposes only. They do not fulfill registration requirements. If you would like to purchase an AKC DNA Kit, click here.