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Imported Breeding Stock Requirements

Effective for imported dogs registered on or after March 1, 2006, any imported dog registered with the AKC must have an AKC DNA profile prior to registering its first litter whelped in the United States. This requirement does not affect foreign dogs registered with the AKC before March 1, 2006. This requirement applies to both males and females and will be used to verify future generations produced by these dogs.

What breeders/owners need to do if they own a sire or dam that is subject to the requirement:

  • Obtain a DNA test kit.
  • Send the DNA cheek swab sample, the required paperwork and payment to the AKC in the envelope provided in the DNA test kit. To eliminate delays in processing litter applications, the completed test kits should be submitted in advance of the litter application.

Breeders/owners fulfill the requirement when the DNA test kit arrives at DNA Operations in Raleigh and is logged into the Database, even though an additional six to eight weeks are required to obtain the actual DNA profile. The parentage verification policies of all current DNA programs will be applied to this requirement, as will the discipline policies of the Compliance Audit Program.