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Frequently Used Sires Requirement FAQs

Frequently Used Sires Requirement FAQs

Which sires are required to be AKC DNA Profiled?
Effective for litters whelped on or after July 1, 2000, AKC DNA Profiling is required if a stud dog is classified as a Frequently Used Sire, meaning that he has produced seven or more litters in his lifetime or more than three litters in a calendar year.

Is this requirement for Dams as well?
No. The requirement only applies to stud dogs meeting the above criteria. Breeders may, of course, voluntarily DNA Profile other breeding stock or offspring through the DNA Profile Program.

What information does the DNA testing provide?
AKC DNA Profiling is for parentage verification and genetic identity purposes only. It does not provide information regarding genetic health, conformation, performance ability, coat color, etc. AKC DNA does not determine breed or if a dog is purebred.

What is the cost of AKC DNA Profiling?
DNA Test Kits are $50. Previously, $50 non-prepaid DNA kits were also offered by AKC, but these kits will be phased out beginning in spring of 2021. If you have already purchased one of these non-prepaid kits, you can still use it to submit DNA for your dog by following the original procedure of mailing your sample, payment and information to AKC DNA Operations.

How can I order a DNA Test Kit?

A prepaid, barcoded AKC DNA Test Kit costs $50 (per dog). The $50 non-prepaid DNA kit and $45 prepaid kit will be phased out in July 2021. If you have already purchased one of these old style kits, you can still use it to submit DNA for your dog by following the original procedure of mailing your sample, payment and information to AKC DNA Operations in Raleigh NC.

The new Barcoded DNA Test Kits may be ordered through the AKC Online Store, or by contacting the AKC: email:; fax: 919.816.4255; phone: 919.233.9767; mail: AKC DNA Test Kit, American Kennel Club, P.O. Box 900065, Raleigh, NC 27675-9065. Please include your name, address, and the number of dogs you wish to test. Include $50 per dog (plus $7 shipping & handling) for Prepaid Test Kits; Prepaid DNA test kits are nonrefundable.

How are the samples processed?
For the Compliance Audit, AKC staff members collect, identify, seal and mail the samples to AKC. For the DNA Profile Program, the owner or owner’s agent enters the information regarding the sample into the DNA Online Portal (, collects the sample and mails it directly to the laboratory in Lincoln NE or if you have an old style non barcoded DNA test kit you can still to submit the DNA for your dog by following the original procedure of mailing your sample, payment and information to AKC DNA Operations in Raleigh NC. After processing by Neogen, the resulting genotypes are transmitted to AKC for inclusion in the AKC DNA Database.

Will the DNA information appear on Registration materials?
Yes, if the dog is individually registered at the time the swab is submitted to the AKC. After the Profile of DNA Analysis has been issued, all subsequent Registration Certificates and Pedigrees will include the DNA Profile Number for that dog (including those for sire and dam, grandparents, etc., if their Profiles are on record).

How long does the laboratory processing take?
You should receive your dog’s AKC DNA Profile approximately 4-6 weeks after th service provider (Neogen) receives the DNA sample. However, requirements are met once the sample is received by Neogen (or if using an older DNA test kit prior to the kit update, received by AKC and logged into the Database.) Litter Registrations will not be held up during the DNA processing period.

My dog has already been AKC DNA Profiled; do I need to send in a new DNA sample with each litter application?
No. A DNA Profile is forever. Once a registered dog has been AKC DNA Profiled (either through the DNA Profile program or through the Parent Breed Club Program), it is not necessary to repeat the profile. DNA samples processed in the Compliance Audit Program (kennel inspections), however, do not meet this requirement and profiles are not issued.

My dog has already been profiled by another lab. Does this satisfy the DNA testing requirement?
No. AKC’s DNA Database uses a unique set of genetic markers, developed by our service provider – Neogen. All genotypes in the AKC Database can be compared and used for genetic identity and parentage verification. It is essential to guarantee that all DNA profiles in the AKC DNA Database are absolutely correct, and that is why only AKC DNA Profiles are entered into the database.

My dog already has a DNA profile produced by Neogen but processed through a different registry. Does this satisfy the DNA testing requirements?
Yes, provided the test performed by Neogen is compatible with the standard AKC DNA test. The American Kennel Club will accept DNA results for AKC DNA Profiling provided the dog owner supplies the following documentation and DNA sample:

  • Completed DNA transfer submission form.
  • Certified Neogen DNA profile.
  • DNA sample submitted by means of an bristle brush.

The fee for this service is $20 dollars (payment information is on the transfer form). DNA Record Transfers.

What about Frozen Semen Litters?
Any dog collected for frozen or fresh-extended semen use after October 1, 1998, must be AKC DNA Profiled (Click here for more information). Litters produced by frozen semen count towards qualifying a dog as a Frequently Used Sire. However, if the semen was collected before October 1, 1998, a DNA Profile is not required, apart from Multiple Sired Litter.

Is this just a revenue scheme by the AKC?
No. This program is designed to directly increase the integrity of the AKC Registry by ensuring that DNA Profiles are available for those dogs with the greatest impact on the Stud Book — Frequently Used Sires.

Having recently purchased a stud dog, how can I confirm his DNA Profile/Frequently Used Sire status?
Contact AKC Customer Service at 919.233.9767, and they will confirm whether the dog qualifies as a Frequently Used Sire, and must be AKC DNA Profiled for the registration of his next litter. Customer Service can also confirm whether or not a dog has a DNA profile number.

For additional answers, please contact AKC DNA Operations.